Trying to help my girlfriend


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Hi all I am in need of some help.

my girlfriend has just won a long battle with ovarian cancer (she is 25) and has decided to create a vlog channel on youtube to document her recovery and future life, to share with people as she knows only to well how isolating cancer can be. she was very active before the cancer and had many active hobbies however, the cancer has put a temporary stop to these.

she has taken to making videos which has given her some of her independence back as this is something she can do at the moment even when fatigued. she has became more and more positive after starting this and decided to share her story.

due to her still being very fatigued I have said I would help her to spread her channel.

this is where I need help, I have no idea how to do it,
I have added what I believe to be a good selection of tags but she still only has 5 subscribers and around 50 views (a good 15 of which are family) what can I do to improve this?

Any feedback on her first video would be much appreciate

Many Thanks in advance

I've moved this to the Strategies & Technique Advice Forum.

I'm glad that your Girlfriend has made it through the tough battle of cancer. =) There are lots of great tutorials in the YouTube Marketing/SEO strategy forum that might help you with creating tags that will get your videos noticed:

This is a good thread to start with:

I wish you the best~! ^_^