1. MasterEth

    Feedback about my channel please?

    I specifically would appreciate feedback regarding my channel art and some of my most recent videos. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as well!!! :D
  2. J

    Second video - i took your advice

    Hello all, This is my second video, and i posted the first one here for feedback, which i have now implemented partially, and i was looking for even more feedback. This is a good way for me to improve, as it gives me concrete goals i can aim for. The video can be found here: Stuff i improved...
  3. Everything Supreme

    Almost Made Me Poop My Pants!!!

    Hey Everyone I uploaded a new video today I would appreciate if you all would check it out maybe left some feedback and if you enjoyed it subscribe and leave a like. This was the first time I have uploaded a gaming video to my channel in awhile that wasn't a livestream so I'm still getting back...
  4. Everything Supreme

    Almost Made Me Poop My Pants

    Hey Everyone I uploaded a new video today I would appreciate if you all would check it out maybe left some feedback and if you enjoyed it subscribe and leave a like. This was the first time I have uploaded a gaming video to my channel in awhile that wasn't a livestream so I'm still getting back...
  5. Zacke23

    Infinite Warfare (Epic Gun Game!)

    Hey guys, Zacke23 here! I posted a Infinite Warfare video yesterday and was looking for some feedback on the video.. if you could check it out I would really appreciate it and while your there have a look at some of my other videos and leave some feedback to! Thanks:)
  6. H

    NEW VIDEO - Clickbait etc etc....

    Hey i just uploaded a new video and am looking for some feedback please :)
  7. AliKat

    Is This A Good Idea!?!?

    Hey everyone, I've recently been wanting to play a game on my channel that's new and not over a year old, and I just pre-ordered a copy of the game The Last Guardian which will arrive on the 7th for me in Australia. Now this game, as most of you know, is highly anticipated and people will be all...
  8. xxheathermarie

    Feedback on New DIY

    Let me know what you think and what I can improve on!
  9. DearDarcy

    Need Feedback on Art please :)

    Hello all! So i'm not a very Artsy person but tried my best on it, please could someone give me some feedback or tell me if anything needs to be changed? I Like simplistic stuff but don't know it if looks too .... unproffessional or whatever x Thank you in advance! :)Talking about my channel...
  10. Benau

    Please give feedback on my new song: Versus [Future/Bass]

    Hey there everyone! Benau here. I just released my song versus on my channel, its been on YouTube before though. Could you guys give me some feedback? Thanks! - Benau
  11. Spaceshipcontrol

    Video Feedback

    Hey everyone, Can you guys please help me? I need feedback on my latest video: Please rate it out of 10, and explain why. Also, is the pacing of the video good, or does it make you want to click away at some point, is there a point where it gets boring or is it too fast at some points? Did...
  12. J

    My first proper video - feedback?

    Hello all, I just fired up my gaming channel with this video: Now, obviously i would LOVE your feedback. Specifically i would love to know: 1. Is the video too long? I was aiming between 15-29 minutes. This video is 29 because it covers a lot of ground, the next ones in the series will be...
  13. KantoGaming

    Romance, Friendship, & A Criminal

    Hey fellow youtubers!! I have a new Sims 4 series going on my channel. It has become a really dramatic and fun story for me. The first part is basically just me introducing my sim and the story. But the second part I did in a screen shot story telling style and I had a lot of fun with it! Any...
  14. AjaxGLHF

    Review my first Video???

    Hi guys, i'm pretty new to YouTube so i was wondering if anyone could give me some honest feedback on my first video. iv decided to start off making gaming videos and if that doesn't take off then ill change and start making programming tutorials (or possibly both!!) but for the mean time i'm...
  15. DiscoSlayer

    Looking for feedback to improve my videos. :D

    Hey, I'm a new channel with only 4 subscribers and looking to grow further as time goes on. I uploaded this youtube video () and was thinking of basing my channels on videos such as that one. So can you please give me advice on how to improve my viewership and how to improve the video I linked...
  16. AliKat

    Using Instagram for Promoting Videos and Getting Subs?

    Hey guys! I've been looking into doing some better promoting to grow as a channel, seeing as my growth so far has been fairly slow (then again I'm not sure what's considered slow at this point hahaha). I've been posting gaming videos for a little bit more than a week and I've nearly hit 30 subs...
  17. The Clark Knight

    Input on my Channel!

    I've been working really hard at my channel and could use some input! I've already been trying to step up and get videos out daily and I'll also have better camera quality once I've saved up for something nice (: Thanks for the feedback!
  18. Altairsfriend

    Hello Everyone! We are back from a small hiatus with a new video for review!

    This video will be our new channel introduction, and we could use some feedback on this short video. Basically does is make you want to check out some of our other videos? If not, why is that? if it does, what makes you want to? Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  19. AliKat

    Channel/Video Review Please! [Girl Gamer]

    Hey guys, Been doing youtube for about a week and I'm still super camera shy so my commentary isn't too good, but I was wondering if you guys could please give me feedback on my latest video and my channel? It would really mean a lot :) x Channel...
  20. Kaitlyn Moore

    How's my channel trailer?

    Hello friends! I just made a new channel trailer and was wondering if you guys thought it was good. Like does it say enough about my channel or should I delete it and make a new one again??? xoxo Kaitlyn
  21. S

    Need some feedback

    Hey there guys! So I've uploaded a couple videos on my channel finally and I just wanted some feedback to see what i was doing right or wrong on my videos/channel. Any feedback would be awesome! Negative, positive, critical, anything! Thanks a lot guys!
  22. Valerik

    Upgraded to Premiere Pro - Would appreciate some feedback!!

    Hey explorers, I have recently upgraded to Adobe Premiere Pro for my video editing and if anyone could go through and give some feedback on the quality and maybe improvement which I could make to attract more subscribers and I really have not grown over 20 for quite a while and I am not sure...
  23. CelyD87

    New KidsChannel!!!! Need Advise and Feedback

    Ok so I just started a kid's youtube channel 3 months ago called, "Jordans Adventures and Toys" so far I think its going Ok, I dont know what to compare it to. I appreciate all the comments people leave on the videos but sometimes I feel everyone is being extra nice on Youtube. I would really...
  24. Jonatan Moser

    Seeking rock hard critique of my newest cover song

    So, since I started uploading (relatively) regularly a few months back, my sub count has grown to 323. I would like it to grow higher and faster (obviously), so I would really appreciate some boldly honest opinions on my work to improve my quality in future videos. Since I am only allowed to...

    Vlogging/montage channel needing feedback!

    Hey! I'm a pretty new VLOGGING YouTuber (although I've been filming and editing various videos for over a year now) and I need your HELP. The link to my CHANNEL is: I currently only have one VIDEO and would like to ask that you, please...
  26. DuncanT

    Big YouTuber inspiration

    Hey guys! My name is Duncan and you might've seen me around here! You might've also seen my latest thread where I told you about some demotivating things I'm having now. Nonetheless I still really want to get some feedback on my channel as a whole. My videos, my upload schedule (which is once...
  27. AliKat

    New Gaming Channel, Would Love Some Feedback!

    Hey guys, I just started a new gaming channel yesterday and I've just posted my first video. I have no subscribers as of yet (not really expecting it haha) but I was wondering if you guys would please be able to give me some feedback on my channel and/or video? I'm very camera shy and anxious...
  28. pioneer1

    How does this video compare to other YouTube videos you watched this week?

    Hi all, I saw the words "How does this video compare to other YouTube videos you watched this week?" numerous times when I go to Youtube homepage. Does this impact Youtube rankings of your videos if people choose one of the worst as an example. Have a look at the image below.
  29. thekittykayla

    I need help on a name??

    Hey! So, I'm starting up a group channel but I'm having trouble coming up with a name. So far it is a guy and I (in America), and possibly two girls (in the UK). I feel like when I come up with something it's taken, so I thought I'd come here for some assistance. Please Please, thank you. :help: