Well the problems you have seem to be the same I have with my vids, lol.

To start off light the thumbnail, you can tell it's cut off on the left, which lowers the quality of it somewhat.

Then going with the commentary it's really apparent that you're not comfortable with it, don't know if no facecam would make you more open or if you just need more practice but a boost in energy will go a long way. A lot of the video you have a very monotonous sound, where it doesn't sound like you're having fun or excited or anything.

Well the random sack of tits in the end card was amusing at the very least.
Just not helpful if people don't stick to the end to see your other vids lol.

So yeah, basically it for me. Biggest issue is the lack of energy in commentary.
Hey Ali, I checked your channel actually on the first video, I am not to sure but if I recall you asked for a review on it as well, but I am getting off topic. Also get reading glasses, I got carried away

Like you said you are still camera shy, this will probably wear off over time. Just keep at it but try and force your self to get comfortable which seems uncomfortable since forceing anything does not mean comfort... wooow comfortception.
When I say force, I mean try and express more on events happening in the game, such as the dead, bloody, skeleton werewolf creeping towards you. It is not normal. Maybe a scream, an expression of awe, or some appropriate expression would have helped. The more you do this, the more this will become second nature and will look natural. You might even find yourself get more comfortable more quickly doing so as well especially if you see the sweet view counter climbing.

Also don't hold back on emotion because of the camera, instead embrace it, but this will come with your comfort zone.

I would not go as far as to remove the face cam and rather keep it on you otherwise you will get comfortable without it and then afterwards you need to get comfortable with it.

The problem with playing a game that you already played (I did this with outlast on my previous channel two years ago, I finished it and then started a lets play) is, you know what to expect. People watch your cam in lets plays to see what your reaction is. That is why a face cam is added, for the expression. Referring back to my first point of expression.

While I am on the subject playing games that is a year old might not get you as much viewers as you would like. Try and get the latest and greatest to start lets plays with. Outlast is a bit past its time.

One last thing, your channel link does not work in YTTalk. I will see if I cant find the article explaining how to fix this. Also make sure that you have setup your channel appropriately. I went there and there were no videos displaying on your front page.

On the bright side, Its great that you actually edit your content and not like most lets players just take the face cam, mic audion and footage and planked it together into one consistant video, render and upload. It shows you actually care and most people don't enjoy 20 - 30 min of game play. 10 mins it appropriate, short and if someone wants to watch more they can just click on the next episode which is also hopefully 10 min.

I see you upload daily and sicked with the schedule mostly except for one day, which is great. Most lets players upload weekly which is bad for a lets player since a lot of lets players actually do this daily and that is a huge deal breaker. Great job this will most definitely lure some sweet viewers

Your channel art fits perfectly with your name and it great on its own. Thumbnails is okay, with a bit of work and then it is also leveled with the rest of your art.

I think I covered mostly everything I wanted to say.
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