1. Mr. McSwizzle

    Review Of My Channel?

    Hey Everyone! I was just curious what everyone might think of my channel. If you don't know already, I don't post the normal style of "YouTube Video". I post about my life, and my life experiences. If I feel like it needs to be recorded, I always have my camera on me to do it. I go day by day...
  2. KanesThoughts

    Launched a New "Would You Rather" Show

    Hey Everyone, for a while now ive been meaning to launch a show and i finally have, however i feel its lacking enough umph. I have the first episode released, 2 more scheduled for the approaching Fridays, and one still in raw footage state. i feel the show has potential to be something extremely...
  3. J

    Why I have gotten Community guidelines Strick from youtube?

    Hey expert guys, I had created "how to delete netflix history easily" video. I had been used only text slide & cc music. But my channel get community guidelines strick within 3 hours after uploading video. Please can tell me anyone why it happened?
  4. illusima

    Gaming YoutubeGG - Building a Community

    Hello guys! My name is Brandon but i go my illusima. I am currently in a group called YoutubeGG, it's a new group that was recently made Currently in the group - illusima - MurpyDerp - Onistar(Founder) ---------------------------------- We have an ARK: Survival Evolved server that we will...
  5. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming The Creators Republic | Become a member of our community

    Hello people, I am the owner of a new community of youtube content creators, the group is called The Creators Republic and the aim of this group is to chat to other youtubers, collab with them, and play games with them. The requirenments are that you have to be at least 16 years old, and be...
  6. and_the-teddy_bach

    How do you deal with vicious Youtubers?

    Ok. A video appeared in the recommended section and it almost broke my heart. The guy sounds by the end of the video almost crying, which is ridiculous. Now almost nobody can help this guy and I thought I might ask you for advice or for help on how this guy might get out of this kind of trouble...
  7. Jaymo

    New YouTuber looking to help build his community and meet and get advice from other youtubers

    Hey guys I'm Jamie (or as on YouTube: Jaymo) I'm just starting out on YouTube and trying to meet some others in a similar boat to me to help build my community and maybe get some advice from others more experienced than myself. I'm learning as fast as I can about editing but I'm stuck on...
  8. Jaxx Plays

    Gaming Looking for people to join a PC gaming community!

    Hello, everyone! I have a small creative/supportive youtube community that is needing more members and I was wanting to see if anyone on here would like to be a part of it. The group is pretty simple and doesn't ask much of you, we have game nights and sometimes we record videos together. A...
  9. NerkGames

    200 Channel Views in 2 weeks!

    I started posting videos on YouTube two weeks ago and I've already got over 200 views on my channel! To me views so more progress than Subscribers do and already having so many people look at my channel and keep coming back is amazing and I want to thank this community for being a part of that...
  10. Zen Zielke

    Community Channels

    Hey guys, I seem to have found myself looking for community channels for filmmakers and cinematic makers but the only community channels I've found all pertain to gaming. Are there any channels out there dedicated to helping promote up and coming filmmakers and directors on Youtube? Thanks...
  11. Pierre Maynard

    2,000 posts on YT Talk!

    Yes yes i now have 2,000 posts on YT Talk what a ride it's been! :D When i started this community i had no idea what to do, now i know everything about it and I've raced like mad :D At least iv'e met some great people along the way!! :) 2,000 posts that's a bonus for me :D Hope you are all...
  12. TWIG gainzzz


    Wasssssaaaaaaa So yeah guys I'm just wanting to start shootouts for other channels to grow as a community together and grow our sub count together :) I'm a youtbe channel about 90 subs and I'm looking forward to helping people out .. Im gonna start making videos where I just review other...
  13. MattyGreen

    Music Musician YouTuber Community

    Hey everyone! I have an idea to propose to all musicians. I want to set up a Skype group/community for the musicians here. I hope it grows into a tight knit group of creators with the goal of supporting each other. The great thing about music is that everything is different and it means that...
  14. Specs

    How to run a community channel?

    Hi my name is Austin. I'm looking to start a community channel but I want to know what I'm in for first. I have a few questions about it, as I cannot find anything on how to run one. I think I've got the basic legalities down, like I can't monetize because it is not my content but I want to make...
  15. ChicTomboy


    Post Any Makeup Reviews You Want To Share With The Public. It Only Works if You Check Out Other Youtubers' Videos! Let's Support One Another.
  16. Specs

    Tech Community Channels?

    Does anyone know of any good or any at all Tech Community channels that content creators can join and upload to or so collaborations with others?
  17. M

    A Name for the People of my Community?

    So hey guys, thank you so much for taking the time to read this thread. :) I've been trying to come up with a name for the people of my community; lately, I've spent a lot of time re-branding my channel in a few ways - primarily, in the graphical way. Well, I've gone for a "foresty-green-ish"...
  18. Shane Henderson


    Are you getting sick of people asking you for their subscription instead of actually earning it ? i know i certainly am which is why i am not here to ask for you to subscribe but for your help instead ! I currently am collaborating regularly with 3 other Youtubers on a consistent basis and it...
  19. I

    Gaming Chaosotions looking for youtubers!

    Hey! I have created an youtube channel named Chaosotions, it will concentrate on uploading different youtubers let's plays of variety of games. This channel is like a youtubers community, if you join I will upload your let's plays and other people will see your videos! You will get 90% of the...
  20. Tonix Gaming

    Gaming PC Gaming|People to collab with/Start community

    My 2 friends and I currently run this channel and we have around 700 subscribers. We are looking for youtubers with around the same amount of subs to collaborate with. My main goal is to start a community between a few YouTube gaming channels. This would provide: 1. People always willing to...
  21. RobCoxxy

    XCOM 2 Community Squad Series!

    As Firaxis Games XCOM 2 is around the corner, I thought I would create something a little special for the community. Due to the awesome character customisation and the character pool in XCOM 2, I want my squad, my recruitable staff and my ADVENT VIPs in my gameplay series to be ALL OF YOU GUYS...
  22. Ashtronova

    Gaming Any Black Ops 3/ FPS youtubers interested in a skype call?

    i'm looking to meet new people who also do FPS gameplay on youtube for a skype call. it can be anything from multicod, to CS:GO, battlefield, etc etc. anything along the lines of it! i'm interested in sharing ideas, helping each other grow, maybe collab, encouragement, etc etc... with people...
  23. B

    Gaming Minecraft Server Just For Youtubers

    Next week we are hoping to open our Minecraft servers just for YouTubers. This server is made for youtubers big and small to find people to collaborate with and have fun. The server is going to be survival pvp, which means killing other youtubers is allowed. The server is going to be running...
  24. MrDooney

    Gaming DankestScrubs - New Skype Community

    DankestScrubs are made up of all kinds of gaming youtubers. You don't have to be a gamer, just an entertainer. The group is for meeting new youtubers, collaborating with them, and just to have basic discussions. You can find new YouTubers, promote your video, or even find youtubers to...
  25. TheViralKing

    Gaming Looking for Black Ops 3 Youtubers or Streamers!!!

    What is up people, i am Dominic aka TheViralKing i am a 20 year old Belgian guy (but don't worry i speak good english) and i am looking for people to collaborate and network with i personally own Black Ops 3 on PS4 and PC so if you are on those then feel free to add me PSN: TheViralKing PC...
  26. Mr Kerbibble

    Rejected Sharing to certain Google + Communities?

    Hey everyone! Yikes! Been a while since I've been on here! Anyway, a really quick question, just because I'm not really sure who else to ask. So, my wife and I do Daily Vlogs, but we also do Cosplay Music Videos on our other channel for the various conventions that we attend. When sharing...
  27. JayyDaGawd

    New video! (The COD community)

    Hello everybody!!! I have just published my second video to my youtube channel and its my thoughts on the current state of the COD community. I commentate over some sweet Advanced Warfare gameplay and just speak my mind. All feedback would be appreciated very much considering i am a new...
  28. BobCorp

    Other Be in a documentary about community on YouTube!

    Hey folks, how are we all doing? My name is Bob and I'm a videomaker from England. Over the last year, I've been trying to develop my channel to take a more educational route, having produced a short documentary in early September about the history, culture and architecture of Covent Garden...
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