1. ConForPresident


    Hi everyone, I am currently looking for new YouTubers / Gamers who might be interested in getting together and playing some awesome fun games while also recording them for YouTube. There are a few requirements that I'd prefer are met, but if they cannot all be met, that is perfectly fine! So...
  2. ConForPresident

    Gaming Looking for like minded people to make videos with and deliver amazing gaming videos!

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for people to create amazing videos I just have a few small requirements too: 1. Be humble and a decent human being 2. Be able to properly edit and render their own videos. 3. enjoy making videos and just make new friends. 4. Knows how to be funny and have a good time...
  3. Christie Levine

    Meet Up/Gathering Any youtubers in the Bay Area interested in collabs?

    I'm a brand new youtuber and wanted to grow my community and I was wondering if there were any Youtubers that would be interested in doing a collab? If you are please let me know!
  4. Joshwarrior


    Joshwarrior is looking for more members in his friend group. It sounds like he has no friends but he does. We already have quite a few members. However we are looking for more to participate in PC and possible PS4 gaming. The main form of communication is Discord or Skype for PC and Party Chat...
  5. PunchbowlGaming

    New Community Channel Reaching 50 subscribers In one week!

    Hey all! Last week we launched our new community channel with a few other content creators and it is already nearly at 50 subs! If we reach it today that will be 50 in 7 days which would be amazing! If you have a moment help us reach this goal! We produce content 7 days a week including live...
  6. O

    Anyone know when every YouTuber will get the Community Feature?

    I feel this would help out lots of Small YouTubers market their videos and multiple channels.
  7. ProjectAlpha101

    100+ Subscribers!

    Just reached my first 100 subscribers! I never thought it would happen that fast I am so happy but there is a long way to go! Consistency is key, I hope all of you reach your milestones and push towards your growth in the YouTube community. -Amir
  8. Johnfromengland

    Who is in the wrong here - please help - NEW creator.

    It would be easier to post this "transcript" but i can post link to video if requested/allowed. START OF TRANSCRIPT. HELLO , YOU-TUBE. John from England here. I just wanted to make a real quick video about YouTube and How despite only having a account that started uploading this year. They...
  9. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Are these changes will be good for my channel??

    Hello best friends, So I'm doing youtube over 4 months now & I have a tutorial channel, I make 3 videos every week.Till now I got around 172 subs.All things are going normal but over the last couple of days, everything is going wrong with my channel.I checked my youtube analytics & it's just...
  10. Nanonium

    Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC ?

    OK, so YouTube has this feature when uploading where you can enable "Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC " in the advanced options section, I was wondering if it's worth turning on. I mean, my audience is small, I don't exactly have a fanbase so is it...
  11. JoelTavares

    Music Singer-Songwriters / Performers - Tell me about yourselves

    Hey guys I'm completely new on this forum. I'd love to get to know all of you who are seriously commited to making music on youtube. I want to eventually find someone to colab with (preferably if that person lives close to me, but not necessary). I live in Bristol but it is easy for me to...
  12. A

    Gaming Community for pc gamers collaberations/friends

    Hi there me and my friends have a discord channel for youtubers who are looking to make friends and work together to have fun on youtube. Were not here for a one show rodio we would like people who want to grow togehter and work togheter. we do have some age restrictions due to our age most of...
  13. EurekaVidmak

    Just Sharing My Thought

    Hey guys, well first i wanna say thanks for anyone who bother to come here. Because what i'm gonna tell you is probably not important. But, i really need to express this somewhere. Okay, so.. Long story short, i felt that i'm now alone in this Youtube world. Why? Because all the community that...
  14. Nathan Mern

    Gaming Anyone Looking For A PC Gaming Team - Click Me!

    Hello, my name is Nathan, me and my friends are trying to put together a competitive CS:GO, Rocket League, CoD, Rainbow6, any other games, please contact me. It may not be a competitive team for a while. As of right now it is mainly a YouTube organization more than anything, but we are working...
  15. Sauceboi

    Gaming Colabs and Groups

    Hey guys I'm Sauce boi and I make gaming commentaries and rants and storytimes. I have at the moment 43 subs and gain 2-3 per half a week I'm just looking for people who need someone to game with and colab with I'm always avalable hmu on Twitter @SauceBoi_Ugly and I really don't look for...
  16. Sk Jony

    Youtube Comments For better channel Activity

    After few days, I read my channel statistics and realize that, youtube comments most important fo channel activity. When I got any comments on my video or Channel discuss tab. My channel activity grow rapidly Like as it's earnings. But I have little bit doubt. What about say Experts?
  17. O

    Community Tab (New Feature)

    YouTube is now beta testing with popular YouTubers their new Community Tab feature. It will soon be available to everyone on YouTube. It allows the ability to post and share links, pictures etc in the subscriber feed. Say Goodbye to Multiple Channels YouTube has had a feature for a few years...
  18. OfficialRPGames

    Gaming Mature (kinda) Minecraft SMP Players Needed

    Background- My friend and I have run many servers together in the past, and the issue we find is that it ends up being just us, he's not a youtuber, but I am, and we both want a community on the server of more than just us, preferably 15-20 players who are on regularly at least once every other...
  19. sphamedia

    Other Any anime fans looking to collab? Or start a small channel anime community?

    Hey guys, I'mm finding it hard to get into the early channel anime community, if there is one. I just thought it would be cool if there was other anime related channels that were small that we could work together and create a community for us. If you want to even just send out the branch of...
  20. xBlazingStar94x

    Does YouTube give you confidence & help you grow as a person?

    I ask this because it gave me a little bit more confidence but also a lot of people find comfort in the community. The amount of people that have used YouTube to talk about their life stories is incredible, in my personal opinion. I am making this thread to read some of your stories and...
  21. Junr55

    Youtube's new guidelines

    So YouTube recently came out with their new community guidelines and they've been striking channels left and right. If they keep doing this, i'm pretty sure we can all expect to see this in the near future...
  22. Quincey

    Need some help with my Profile Picture

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here and one of the reasons I joined is because I needed some help with my Profile Picture. So I hope someone can help me with that. It's actually really easy to help. The Profile Picture has been made, I'm just not so sure about it. Can you give me some feedback...
  23. Beybladeog

    Gaming Vanilla Minecraft Private Server - Youtubers only (must record) Looking to collab with 15-20 players

    Vanilla Minecraft Private Server - Youtubers only (must record) Looking to collab with 15-20 players - Skype - Plugins- ANDMORE Hello everyone I have decided to start a server soon that will be whitelisted. I am a fellow Youtuber looking to make this server to make grow each others channels...
  24. TheMix

    The YouTube Dream

    Clearly everyone on this forum isn't a huge youtuber. We mainly all come on here to interact with other small youtubers for advice, advertising our channels, and just to see all the kindness. With that being said being on this forum the past few days I have felt very welcomed by so many people...
  25. Conight

    Other Banding Together :D

    Me & TheUnfittingKey have decided to try and make some Youtube friends to help increase knowledge, help eachother grow and generally have fun creating with others, talk about your content and try and create a type of, community! People of every content genre is perfect as the broader horizon of...
  26. AncientEmma

    Attracting the "Target" Audience

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had any tips for attracting the sort of audience they want to watch their content. In general, I try to go through the comments section of a video from a Youtuber I admire, find someone who posts their own content, then comment on one of their videos (if...
  27. Jacob Noah

    Gaming Small community looking for collaborations with other creators

    We have a small community consisting of content creators. We are currently looking to grow and evolve, by inviting as many high quality creators as possible to participate and grow with us. Here, you'll be able to talk to any of us to receive advice or other services for your YT channel or other...
  28. Heyon

    People that beg for subs

    Since I started youtube a few months ago, this has been something that I had found extremely annoying. I've had a few successful videos that got around 300 views with 35-40 likes and about 20-40 comments (I know I know but to me that's success) and I was also given a shout out and ever since...
  29. ChaseAndFriends

    When did you notice your channel started to grow?

    I would like to start off by saying that I DO NOT DO YOUTUBE FOR FAME! I don't do YouTube so no one will watch either I didn't come to complain though!!! I've been doing YouTube for four and a half months now and really enjoy it! I feel like I have pretty good content and...
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