How do I build an audience and create a community?

I'm not trying to say that I want immediate growth of views or subscribers. I was just wanting tips on how do I engage them and make feel like they are apart of something.

You have a lot of subscribers so may I ask how do you engage them?

Oh sorry! I just expected that. This site is pretty overrun by these comments during summer time.

For people to really comment either they have questions, want to talk about the contents of the video, or praise/demean you.

It's honestly pretty random man, starting out small most comments you will get are praises (usually) and as you slowly grow your channel you will get topics on your videos and even some hate comments.

It also helps to respond to a lot of comments you get. If you are over 100000 subs that's going to get hard but usually for the beginning that's what you should do.

and on how to reply to comments I just respond on whenever someone posts of my video as I would talk to anyone else. A lot of people hide behind some sort of persona when speaking but I think just being yourself in any situation on YouTube is the best viable way to retain your audiences attention.

Sorry if this is a bit hard to read. I just woke up and it might be a bit blehh
how to make them feel included? Include them in things!
reply to comments,
share behind the scenes with them on social media,
take their feedback and suggestions to heart.
having minor in jokes is great too :)

this will all come with time though, so keep the viewers you have now interested, and reply to their suggestions and comments
Include them in things!
I make monthly comment readings, there's that for an idea. You could also do a q&a, or something like that. Also, it's a little unorthodox, but sometimes if I have a friend livestreaming I'll tweet it out and some of them will come out and be active in the chat with me. It kinda lets you get to know them a lot better, y'know?