1. JanWar

    Feeling stuck with my promotion game

    Hello there! My niche is war related stuff. So I have been reading articles/watching videos/reading other threads about promotion of a youtube channel. I have been on reddit for very long so I know how to use that website to promote my channel(90% of my views come from there). I have found some...
  2. SeanFace101

    WWE Smackdown Glasgow Crowd Going Wild (Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan & More!

    WWE Smackdown: Glasgow SSE Hydro (08 Nov 2016) Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, AJ Styles & More! The Crowd is Going Wild at The Hydro... I recorded this video from my seat where I was sitting with my boy Jak.
  3. sphamedia

    Asking your fans for things

    So today i made a video asking my fans for constructive criticism and to actively tell me what they like from me, i was thinking if this is something that is fround apon, like i know that asking them to vote you up in stuff is a terrible thing and i know that you never ask for actual stuff, but...
  4. Tuskan

    Google Feud Challenge Series #1

    I challenge all of you to beat my score! If you do ill make a video to try to beat yours until one of us fail
  5. Lightsen

    What makes a viewer a fan?

    Fans. We all would like them, we all probably are them in some cases, but what is the difference between a viewer and a fan? Lot's of creators will view anyone that is subscribed to be a fan, others think it takes something more than just following, I tend to agree. Here's my opinion on the...
  6. Puck Mitchell

    Upcoming E3 Titles for Dark Souls Fans - ft For Honor and Absolver

    Alo Elo Cigars and Cigarettes Here it is, a soothing commentary about some titles us dark souls fans should be excited about! Let me know what you think of the games I chose. I'd like to go in depth as to why I did choose these games individually. If you enjoyed this, be sure to check out...
  7. Puck Mitchell

    Just a mature but playful commentator/editor looking for love!

    Alo elo there whoever clicked, I make Dark Souls videos if you're a Dark Souls 3 fan. I am PvPer playing through PvE on new game pluss trying to rush my way through the game while having fun along the way I am an intermediate player but I like to try new things often and so I die often so it...
  8. Jawad Soomro


    I made 50 subs within 5 months. I love you all who supported me in my YouTube journey. I hope that I will make 100 subs very soon. Thank you everyone.
  9. SierraNelson


    Hey There! I’m Sierra and I run a channel mostly consisting of cover song music videos with the occasional vlog about musicals or the music industry, etc. A short while back I reached the 1,000-subscriber milestone and even today the fans keep rolling in. Now that I have a substantial audience...
  10. O


    Can somebody help me improve my channel, as im not growing too well, but to be honest ive only just started? suggestions???
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