New YouTuber looking to help build his community and meet and get advice from other youtubers


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Hey guys I'm Jamie (or as on YouTube: Jaymo) I'm just starting out on YouTube and trying to meet some others in a similar boat to me to help build my community and maybe get some advice from others more experienced than myself. I'm learning as fast as I can about editing but I'm stuck on thumbnails and I know my lighting and sound isn't amazing as of yet but I'm getting new equipment on the way to help with those without breaking the bank! Haha. So yeah anything you guys wanna throw my way will be a major help but even just some youtube pals would be nice too!
Hi Jaymo nice to meet you! It's sad when some threads remain without reply so i will fix that u.u. First of all I feel you when you talk about the difficulty in building a community because I'm introvert enough to find difficulties into doing that ( I mean I'm active here, also on Reddit and I try to do my best on twitter but I'm afraid other people may think I don't want to socialize, it's just I'm not so used to xD).
Anyway I can't check your channel from the link in the signature because it seems broken so you need to fix it (there is a guide somewhere here but I don't know where it is <,<).
From the highness of my "experience" (just 2 months and some days in this world) maybe I can give you some tips:
1)I'm still facing thumbnail problems and I'm still learning how to use photoshop properly but there are some free programs that you can use, but the best one is surely GIMP 2(is the one i used before photoshop) and there are a lot of guides online for tutorials;
2)For the lighting I suggest you to put at least 2 lamps near the pc and one of them should be in front of your face (the best should be the "3 point lighting setup" but I'm on budget so I use what I have in the house xD);
3) If you are recording in a room that presents a lot of hard walls or furniture I suggest you to use blankets to reduce echo and reverb ( I personally put 2 blankets on the wall that my desk faces and it's a blatant solution).
If you want company feel free to contact me, as i said i'm on twitter and tumblr (technically also on Instagram but I'm not that picture guy so).
I hope i was helpful somehow! Bye and keep improving!
Hey buddy!! Thanks for breaking the non comment barrier!! And yeah I'm trying to fix my YouTube link thingy but it won't work atm God knows why and ive literally just got my new gear today! So new Web cam new dslr new lighting! It's all so shiny! But I'ma check out your channel and I would links twitter and all that stuff but only joined this today so I'm still pretty much shooting in the dark but yeah it's mega hard to get off the ground but I think maybe once you start it gets easier?? Haha I'll try and get the link fixed and ima watch your stuff but if I can't fix mine I'll just link it manually on here good to meet you