1. H

    How Do I Increase My Adsense Pay?

    Hello everyone, I am knew to youtube and I was wondering how do I increase my cpc for my youtube channel. Also if you wouldnʻt mind how do I gain more subscribers. But please give me some advice on how to do these things. Thanks.
  2. Y

    Recent videos randomly 'not adv. friendly' - then the next day they are, and so on.

    I've been having something odd happening with the monetization of my videos recently. I'll post a video and it will get say to 20,000 views in a couple of days. Then I'll notice the dreaded yellow "$" saying my video is not advertiser friendly. However, a day or so later the yellow "$" is back...
  3. Bola

    Why is my estimated revenue decreasing rapidly?

    oh now I think I should ask about this. I noticed my estimated revenue decreased(at dashboard) but then increased again the next day. But this time ,rapidly decreasing even though I'm still gaining has decreased like 22-30 dollars lesser . What is going on?. How does it work by the way...
  4. RickGuyver

    Multiple Ad Breaks Placement Issues, Issue #1: Ad Placement Not Always Optional

    Hello all, this is my first help request to the forum, so I hope it's worthy of your attentions. I will post each issue as a separate thread, and the following is Issue #1. Ad Breaks Placement is not an option for all videos. This means some of my videos allows me to control where (or when)...
  5. L

    Monetizing same videos on multiple sites?

    I'm making animation videos and would like to post and monetize them on multiple sites like YouTube under same titles and channel/profile name. Am a confirmed partner... Is that against any rules of YouTube? Is that even alowed? Anything on that wil be very helpful...
  6. CelyD87

    Monetization OFF or ON when it's. new channel?

    What do you experienced youtubers recommend. Having monetization off or on when starting a new channel? At the beginning your only making pennies on each video so is it worth to have it on? Or would it turn away potential subs and views because they don't want to sit through a commercial when...
  7. Maarij Bashir

    How do youtubers make money?

    Im just curious. Obviously you need a pretty big fan base. Besides income from ads, what other streams of income do youtubers get money from?
  8. MusicsAnts

    Quick Monetization Question

    If a game developer says they don't now and don't plan to monetise users content, does that mean that i can monetise the video myself?
  9. Schulti Media

    Request Is there a website for free intros without watermark?

    Hi guys! Is there a website for free intros without watermark that I can actually use for monetized videos? Nothing fancy, just a short and simple intro. Thanks! :)
  10. J

    Copyright Question

    Hi guys! I'm just new here in YTtalk, I have a question regarding Copyrights, what if someone uploads a short clip of their gaming video and I download it without telling them. The downloaded video is added to my video hightlights. But in my video description, I add their names as a Credits to...
  11. ColletteisaBear

    Error We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Ou

    Adsense seems to be having some problems. I tried signing up for Adsense through Youtube and every single time I get this error: Error We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to...
  12. Purely Peña


    I don't know what is going on but my videos got demonetized overnight. Like all 120+ of them!!! I only had like maybe 5 videos that were not supposed to be monetized because of the content, but the rest of them are fine. I don't get it? When I try to monetize them again, it monetizes them, then...
  13. P K Saha

    Monetization Has Been Disabled with $1280!

    Hello Friends, My channel has 360 videos. A few days ago, I got a copyright strike for 3 months. As far I know YouTube disable channel after 3 or more strikes. But they disabled my channel monetization. In the meantime, I need to say that I have made private all the videos in my channel so...
  14. Schulti Media

    Monetization Policy & Age Restriction Policy Not For All Channels?

    Hey guys! I'm sure most of us YouTubers have age-restricted videos or videos that are 'not eligible for monetization'. Did you ever noticed that other videos with similar or equal stories/video clips/pictures are not age-restricted and eligible for monetization? I'm sure you did! If the YouTube...
  15. L

    Joining youtube partnership/Monetisation?

    I have been interested for quite a while now in setting up a YouTube channel properly, by becoming a partner and mortising etc. However, I honestly do not understand how earning money through monetisation works with UK taxes as I understand that even if all I earnt from a video was 1p I would...
  16. C

    I get Lot's of view but Not get earn more money. Why?

    Hello, I have channel & i get everyday 10000+ view but i can't get proper money. Everyday they give me 1 or 2 usd. What is problem my channel and how i solve this problem? please help me
  17. Ruth Taylor


    I am struggling to come to understand whats happened with my channel. I was able to set up monetization on my channel and then I was able to get my adsense account approved. I looked into the adsense account and it had gone to a different email to the one thats connected with my channel. So I...
  18. KantoGaming

    Making money off your content ?

    Honestly I've heard about people making money off their videos but I never understood how or how it actually works. I've heard about running ads on your videos, monetizing your videos, and maybe even joining a partnership like Freedom. (But I haven't heard anything good about freedom) I want...
  19. Maarij Bashir

    Is my channel ready for monetization?

  20. S

    Quizgroup Authorization Error

    I am trying to partner my channel with Quizgroup but whenever I try to apply for partnership I get an "Auth Error" message. After getting error message with my first channel I tried to partner my other channel. I again got the same error message. Is anyone else facing the issue or someone has...
  21. O

    Monetization Disabled Immediately after leaving MCN, BUT I'm still In their System

    Despite me never associating my year-old YouTube account with an Adsense (I partnered with an MCN from the get-go), the day I unlinked, my monetization was disabled for AdSense violations. While I investigate how I even got associated with an account since I never had the chance, or need, to...
  22. Adamsy

    Youtube monetization issue

    Hey everyone, i have an issue with a youtube monetization, i looked around yesterday for a while but i can't find the reason anywhere why my video isn't able for monetization, i know this shouldn't be on as a smaller channel but i would like to know the issue why it happened tho this video...
  23. HeppyG

    Monetization: What results in a disabled ads revenue

    Hey guys! I recently joined this forum and created my youtube account about 2weeks + ago. Upon creating my channel and uploading videos, I thought that I'd try earning a few bucks for myself by testing out the monetization and turning it on for my videos. Things were working out pretty well and...
  24. Harmonic Music

    What needs to happen to earn money from monetization?

    Hey! I have a Music promotion channel where most of my videos are monetized. I see that some days, my cpm is very high, while other days, it`s at 0. My question: To earn Money, do People have to click on the ads, or do I earn anything from People just seeing the ads, but not clicking? Thanks for...
  25. P K Saha

    9 Channels + 3 YouTube Accounts + 1 Adsense

    I am little bit confused. Please clear my confusion. I have 9 channels in 3 Google accounts i.e. YouTube accounts and I have 1 Adsense account. Can I add these 9 channels which belongs to different Google accounts into single adsense account? If I can, how many channels can I add to single...
  26. MrSlippery

    To monetize or not to monetize (and if so, when?)

    I am in the process of getting ready to launch my channel, and I had a question about monetization. I wasn't planning on monetizing my videos, but after reading about it, I thought that it might not be such a bad idea. My channel is basically a series of videos to advertise a textbook I have...
  27. binky VS bunson

    Does not being monetized effect you in Search?

    I'm not monetized. What's the point when I only have a little over 300 subs is the way I see it. Keep the fans from the hassle of ads is the way I see it, but do you think that impacts me negatively for SEO? I always thought I was so cool cause many people try to monetize right away, but now...
  28. S

    Question regarding the revenue

    Hello. I have a question for the more experienced youtubers regarding the revenue. I've monetized my channel a few days ago (youtube partner, no MCN) and the total views compared to the revenue looks very low to me. The picture below contains the stats of one of my videos. 27k views with a 3$...
  29. Kleineganz

    Not Eligible for Monetization?

    I just noticed that some of my recent vlogs have become "not eligible" for monetization and I can't find the link anymore of if there was some sort of false copyright claim or something else against the video. Do you guys know where I can go and look? The videos are literally just me talking to...
  30. T


    So I don't want to start from scratch cause i've asked for help from so many people but just wasted my time. Basically, I got a copyright strike. Only 1 copyright strike. Everything was fine but 3 weeks later my monetization was disabled out of nowhere. So I talked to the guy who claimed my...