1. zaffron

    Question on Terms of YouTube Partner Program

    hi guys i have a legal question about monetization on Youtube. i have read the Terms of YouTube Partner Program and i find my self stuck at the first item. quote from the terms: "Monetization Revenues. YouTube will pay you as follows: Advertising Revenues. YouTube will pay you 55% of net...
  2. Specs

    Do I have to Monetize when I join a Network?

    I just joined a network and was wondering if I'm suppose to Monetize my Videos?
  3. Specs

    How to run a community channel?

    Hi my name is Austin. I'm looking to start a community channel but I want to know what I'm in for first. I have a few questions about it, as I cannot find anything on how to run one. I think I've got the basic legalities down, like I can't monetize because it is not my content but I want to make...
  4. Switchbox

    What is RPM, and what is good RPM?

    I was just looking at my adsense page, and it said something about RPM. What is the difference between that and CPM? And what are both of those? xP
  5. M

    Just over 300 subs, should i sign up for monetisation?

    I've started up a gaming channel and have just over 300 subs, i'm unsure whether or not to sign up to monetisation. I understand that I will earn next to nothing at the moment but is it worth just signing up now or waiting until I get more subscribers? Thanks!
  6. W

    not eligible for monetization and Youtube new Improved way of Not paying you

    I uploaded a video about political issues(not English), Youtube automatically marked the video as "not eligible for monetization". Interesting thing, is I already uploaded it 6 months ago, Youtube didn't do anything, but I deleted it, made it 1080p(it was 720p) and uploaded again now it says...
  7. BookieBookie

    YouTube partnership = more views?

    Dear everyone, I just started out with my YouTube channel. It's about English literature and my mission statement is to encourage people to get into the classics, like Moby d**k and 1984 and such. (Unpopular subject, I know, but this is what I want to do.) Now, I'd love to reach out and be...
  8. Shehzad

    How YouTube Copyright Really Works (Gaming)

    Alright, I see a lot of people who discuss copyright on a daily basis and a lot of people really get it wrong. One of the best myth debunking site is YouTube itself. They already have their Copyright FAQ ( that explains quite well what it...
  9. jschlatt

    Is the "$1 per 1000 views" a myth?

    Hey guys! Before I continue I want to make it clear that I'm not into Youtube to make money, I'm doing it as a hobby. I'm just wondering about this myth I've heard a bunch of times. If the whole $1 per 1000 views CPM is true (which I am not too certain of because I'm not very experienced in...
  10. Riddikore

    Hot Topic Can You Monetize Your Video?

    Here are some snippets directly from the YouTube Help guide and community hub. Follow the links in the video and below for more details. F.A.Q. What kind of content can I monetize? Monetizing Video Game & Software content Monetizing Cover Songs How to enable monetization MCNs Full...
  11. C

    Copyright, Monetization and Video Game

    Hi. So, I'm just starting in creating a video game website featuring youtube videos, and I learned about all the copyright parts and Youtube policies. Let's deal with this quickly : The facts : -It will mainly be a passionate tribute website to video game, contributing in making them recognized...
  12. T

    Suspect of false copyright claims

    Hello everyone! I keep getting manual copyright claims on one of my youtube channels on videos that are getting viral from a claimant called "Network Videos" . I can't see what minutes from the video is claiming copyright. And they are making money from my videos. I don't own the copyright for...
  13. M

    please i just need some help

    please i make about 7500 views perday but only 3% of them which are monetized i really don't know what is the problem or how can i fix it so can any one help please ?!!! note : a have many videos and they are all monetized but the videos that get the most views have lengths between 10 and 30...
  14. A

    My Own adsense or Network

    Hi fellow Youtubers been starting my toys review and unboxing channel now where should i link this for monetization my wife adsense still alive but sadly i used it before to upload some bad contents that channels was terminated and ban is it still safe to link my new channel? . Because my...
  15. Isaac B.

    Thoughts on bbtv? Should I join?

    Hello this is my first post to yttalk. So basically my channel has recently reached over 100,000 subscribers and I get around 500,000 views per month. I recently recieved an email from a group called outspeak. It has been created by the huffington post and have the potential for exposure on...
  16. xvancalashvili

    Video Monetization

    Hey guys what are the platforms YouTubers can monetize their videos on?
  17. S

    Joining Freedom vs other partnerships?

    THE NEXT TWO PARAGRAPHS ARE A LITTLE INTRODUCTION INTO MY SITUATION WITH YOUTUBE. IF YOU'D LIKE TO JUST SKIP TO THE ACTUAL QUESTIONS JUST GO AHEAD AND SCROLL DOWN TO THE THIRD :)Hello everyone it's been a while since i've been on here but I've really been focusing on school and trying to...
  18. Factception

    Green $ missing - Videos getting non-monetized

    Hi there, My channel is extremely new, and I have around 4 videos up. I noticed that after every 3-4 days of uploading a video, the monetization got disabled with the green icon missing. There is no other icon instead of it. My account has been in Good Standing since the beginning and I have no...
  19. ChineseIrish

    To those with the skills to pay the bills.

    I was just wondering mainly for the guys and gals with bigger channels, what were your subs, monthly views like when you started earning enough money from Youtube to be able to pay some bills? Also is there anyone here that actually does Youtube as their full-time gig? Just curious. Cheers.
  20. Ebbandflowmotion

    Channel trailer monetization?

    I just made my channel trailer after having a dozen videos's getting views, should it be monetized as well? Or is that considered bad taste?
  21. Jawad Soomro

    Monetization Network

    Ok I had a YouTube channel where my Monetization got disabled with Adsense. So my question is can I enable monetization for new channel with other network (not ADSENSE) like Freedom, Ads Proppeller? Is monetization directly associated with ADSENSE? Do we need to have adsense first before...