1. R

    Compilation Videos and monetization. Is this still possible?

    Hi, i've been doing alot of research on these compilation channels, and people like David Vlas and Bye 9 to 5. These people are claiming you can make these compilation videos and make ALOT of money from it. I've seen alot of these compilation channels blow up in a period of 1 to 2 months. I want...
  2. M

    Reused Content Monetization

    Hello i am an Youtuber who have 71.000 subscribers. My channel is from 2015 and my main content is gameplay with no commentary. Recently i got an email by saying my channel is not eligable for monetization due reused content. I never had copyright strikes etc my channel is in good condition...
  3. K

    Can i get monetization on channel again if some of my video games (gameplay) videos have music c-ID?

    Monetization on my channel is disabled due to reused content. I deleted lyrics and other copyrighted videos, but don't know what to do about gameplays that have video game music dettected by content ID. Do I must to delete music from them, or it is OK now and I can reapply to YouTube partner...
  4. FrostedGH

    Hot Topic Demonetization / "under review" (**DISCUSSION HERE ONLY**)

    On one of my more recent videos, a video which contained only an original song which I created was deemed "Not suitable for all advertisers" just as literally every single upload that I've done recently has gone through, what I don't understand is... why? The song had no lyrics, the video was...
  5. drb1966

    Copyright Claim and Monetization

    I recently received a copyright claim regarding :31 seconds of intro music edited for me by a 3rd. party. I take no issue at all giving credit to someone artistic/creative work. I noticed in the claim that it notes that the video is now 'monetized by the claimant' and may include ads. I fine...
  6. G

    Youtube demonetized channel with over 2 billion minutes watched

    Hello, Youtube just demonetized my channel Greenred Productions with over 2 billion minutes watched. Reason - "Reused content". I never used any copyrighted material, I composed all music myself and there is no video, just picture... and all pictures are made by me or from pixabay (copyright...
  7. UKHypnotist

    A Post Of Warning For Those Seeking Monetization

    Hello all, and I would appreciate it if one or more admins or mods would consider this post for the Pinned section. I'm not just a member of this and the official YouTube Help Forum; I'm also a member of the Medium social blogging platform, and that platform's Partner Programme. As such, though...
  8. I

    Changing channel direction, should I start from scratch?

    I have been posting content to my youtube channel for around 2 years, and am about to make a whole lot more videos more consistently. However, I was wondering if it is better that I start a new channel instead of use my current one. My main reason: I am looking to make more family friendly/less...
  9. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    Does Monetization Increase Views? - No Ads = Less Views?

    Does Monetization Increase Views - No Ads = Less Views? // Does demonetization affect views? Since the adpocalypse many people have worried that if their videos did not adverts that YouTube would push the videos less and get you less views overall. This is an urban legend that I wanted to...
  10. DDC

    Outer Space videos

    Good morning community! Can someone clarify if outer space videos are allowed for monetization? For example, rocket launches, ISS earth cam, moon shots. Thanks!
  11. U

    Reapply for monetization while running a Youtube channel

    Hello YTTalk! I run a youtube music promotion channel that recently got demonitized for 'duplication'. My channel is not small and receives around 500,000 views a day. I have received permission for every song I uploaded and used stock images as backgrounds for the videos (Licensed stock...
  12. Awkward Adolescent

    Monetization Requirements

    Hey, so I just started a new channel and I somehow got lucky and got like 25k views on my video so far, and I surpassed the 4000 hours of watch time needed to monetize my videos. The feedback was really positive, but only about 100 people have subscribed, and I was wondering how to quickly reach...
  13. Jack Decker

    I am eligible for monetization with only 130 subs???

    I was roaming around on the backend of my channel and clicked on "Channel" and looked over my status on things. Lo and behold, I'm eligible for monetization. Buuuttttt I only have 130 subscribers and 22,736 minutes of viewing time. I thought I had to have at least 1,000 subs and 240,000...
  14. A

    No Loger eligible for monetization due to duplication. What doe it mean?

    HI, I woke up to a mail from youtube titled "No longer eligible for monetization". Anyway, further checks I made revealed that the reason given by youtube is DUPLICATION.Please Read the statement below. Duplication In most cases, you can’t reupload someone else's content unless you get...
  15. D

    Removed Copyrighted Music, still CANT Monetize?!

    Hi people, I have a small YouTube Channel with 7.5k Subscribers. I made a video months ago, put royality free music (non Copyrighted), got about 100k views with activated adrevenue and the creator of the music decided 2 months after the creation of the video, to claim the adrevenue due the...
  16. BrettTaylorYT

    Do you need permission for Video Game footage?

    My channel isn't eligible for monetization but I'm hoping to have it be eligible, because of this I want to make sure I am uploading all 100% legal content so I'm able to monetize them in the future. I don't normally make video game related videos but I'm working on one currently that shows...
  17. I

    How long did it take you to get approved for monetization after reaching 1000 subscriber?

    Hello, I was a youtube parter before they changed the requirements of needing 1000 subscribers. Well I'm currently at 990 subscribers and should reach my goal in the next few days. I'm totally stoked to start making money again (even if its just peanuts again) and can hardly wait. So how...
  18. C

    Feature request: YouTube Shopping, Patreon-killer, Paypal-killer

    I have tried to push these feature requests over the past decade on the YouTube forum/blog but it seems YouTube is either lazy or somehow my ideas are stupid? I hope somehow there is a way to convince YouTube to implement these ideas soon, do you have contacts to YouTube product managers so they...
  19. O

    Future Monetization idea

    I have been thinking of ways YouTubers could monetize their content. YouTube recently stated that they are thinking of better ways to monetize content. the mechanical royalty rate recently was raised for music streaming. YouTube is working on a new Music Service streaming service combining...
  20. rachellerch

    200 subscribers... 800 to go!

    Hi everyone! I used to be monetized and now I'm not.. I'm sure many are in the same boat. I was not making a lot of money yet on this channel, but it's my passion channel so I really want to make something of it. So anyway, my milestone is... 200 subs! Woohoo! Hopefully they will all tell their...
  21. A

    I hit 2K subs my first month on YouTube!

    Hey guys! I'm really happy because I posted my first video on my channel January 5 and I've uploaded 4 videos since and they've all hit at least 1K in views. My first vid has 79k views. I'm almost 50% of the way in watch time to being able to apply for monetization as well (not that I bank on...
  22. Hirudov

    Setting up a blog

    Many fellow forum members are having less than 1000 subscribers and/or less than 4000 hours watch time on their channels, meaning that by the new YouTube Partner Program (YPP) requirements, they will be automatically kicked out of the program on 20th of February 2018. While it is frustrating to...
  23. C

    Hot Topic New monetization changes: 4k hours & 1k subs (**discussion here only**)

    They increased the req to get into it again.
  24. P

    Monetization on this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity

    how to solve "Monetization on this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity" ? my account have been disable for Monetization feature ? can anyone help me to fix this problem regard
  25. S

    Monetization settings are not available for your content owner

    When I'm trying to enable monetization it says “Monetization settings are not available for your content owner” (see attached the screen shot). There are 3 more channels connected to this email and there is no problem with monetization. Please let me know if you need more info. Thank you!
  26. B

    Trouble if you don't specify the author and if you specify their nickname

    I was told that if I want to monetize content on YouTube I should clearly specify the author of the writing of each video in the description. Of course I would credit the author if it was someone other than me but I find it a bit much to credit my self for a 9 minute YT video. What about the...
  27. B

    Where to monetize video content apart from YouTube and Facebook?

    I can't seem to find any other platform where you can upload and monetize videos apart from Facebook and YouTube. All I could find are some marketing platforms with completely different business models mostly for online marketing videos... I would post on other platforms just to share and spread...
  28. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Baby Alive content YT limited ads or no ads!

    This is really annoying! Yeah the new limited ads or no ads monetization rule of YT. We uploaded a baby alive super snack toys review video still in schedule / private but YT is giving us this yellow “$” . We tried everything from reuploading, re-editing the video, revising description, titles...
  29. Te-Erika

    Why does YouTube mark my videos as unsuitable for all audiences?

    My channel is about relationships. Granted, they are unconventional relationships but I NEVER mention anything sexual or kinky. ALL of my videos have been marked as unsuitable and I send them for review but they never come back monetized. Is there anything I can do? Anyone I can contact?
  30. Love2Learn

    Monetization Question

    Hey guys & gals. First time poster here so "Hi" to everybody. This seems like a great community of content creators. I had a question regarding monetization. I have a totally newbie question. Iv'e recently been cutting pieces of my monetized videos into smaller clips and posting them to Youtube...