Removed Copyrighted Music, still CANT Monetize?!


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Hi people,
I have a small YouTube Channel with 7.5k Subscribers.

I made a video months ago, put royality free music (non Copyrighted), got about 100k views with activated adrevenue and the creator of the music decided 2 months after the creation of the video, to claim the adrevenue due the music in the Video.. (probably claimed content claim).

Today the video has nearly 500k views, I decided to remove the music (about 30 seconds long), so i can claim the adrevenue.
However i try to remove the music (YouTube studio), it wont recognize that the music is removed, (cant activate monetizing) although it is( no music anymore).. Only possible solution would be to save it as a new video, downsinde would be starting again with 0 views?!

Any ideas, experience?

I would appreciate any help

Thank you in advice