1. uberdanger

    Demonetized upon making a video public (1mil + subscribers)

    Hi yttalk people, I haven't been on here for many years but I've come to see if anyone has the same issue as me, Googling it yields me no results. Whenever I make a video public, within 5 minutes it gets immediately demonetized, without failure EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is the case no matter what...
  2. GlobalDayz

    Stock Footage considered "Reused Content" ?

    My channel was recently demonetized due to reused content as many other channels were as well to kick off 2019.. YT did not specify exactly what they considered on the channel to be reused so I deleted almost everything. Simply put I wanna resume creating videos but not for free.. I'm trying to...
  3. I

    Changing channel direction, should I start from scratch?

    I have been posting content to my youtube channel for around 2 years, and am about to make a whole lot more videos more consistently. However, I was wondering if it is better that I start a new channel instead of use my current one. My main reason: I am looking to make more family friendly/less...
  4. D

    Removed Copyrighted Music, still CANT Monetize?!

    Hi people, I have a small YouTube Channel with 7.5k Subscribers. I made a video months ago, put royality free music (non Copyrighted), got about 100k views with activated adrevenue and the creator of the music decided 2 months after the creation of the video, to claim the adrevenue due the...
  5. FrostedGH

    Hot Topic Demonetization / "under review" (**DISCUSSION HERE ONLY**)

    On one of my more recent videos, a video which contained only an original song which I created was deemed "Not suitable for all advertisers" just as literally every single upload that I've done recently has gone through, what I don't understand is... why? The song had no lyrics, the video was...
  6. Purely Peña


    I don't know what is going on but my videos got demonetized overnight. Like all 120+ of them!!! I only had like maybe 5 videos that were not supposed to be monetized because of the content, but the rest of them are fine. I don't get it? When I try to monetize them again, it monetizes them, then...