Demonetized upon making a video public (1mil + subscribers)


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Mar 29, 2013
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Hi yttalk people, I haven't been on here for many years but I've come to see if anyone has the same issue as me, Googling it yields me no results.

Whenever I make a video public, within 5 minutes it gets immediately demonetized, without failure EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is the case no matter what I upload, even if it falls well within the guidelines, and it's extremely detrimental to the traffic of all my content that it's demonetized in the first 24 hours of being on Youtube.

It's really bothering me, for my last video I used the live release feature, the live viewer count was steadily rising, until the video got demonetized at 3063 viewers, and it didn't gain A SINGLE VIEWER from that point on. What's interesting is that I know my content isn't s**t, ALL 3063 VIEWERS kept watching the rest of the video.

Is my channel just blacklisted or is this something everyone is dealing with? Once again to clarify my videos are monetized and look just fine unlisted, for several days, but then WHEN I PUBLISH THEM they get restricted.

(oh yeah also accidentally posted this in chat/gossip but not sure how to delete my post so leaving that one to the mods if need be)