content claim

  1. C

    Content ID Claimed - Help!!!

    Hello, Is there any way to submit a content ID Claim and make it automatic claim? there are thousand users will re-upload my or someone videos right after we publish. I used to see many channels and many songs they do this way. Sorry for poor English but really need help. Hope to hear from...
  2. D

    Removed Copyrighted Music, still CANT Monetize?!

    Hi people, I have a small YouTube Channel with 7.5k Subscribers. I made a video months ago, put royality free music (non Copyrighted), got about 100k views with activated adrevenue and the creator of the music decided 2 months after the creation of the video, to claim the adrevenue due the...
  3. G

    Wanting to get my old deleted videos back!!! Please help

    So i use to do gaming videos when i was 12-13 about 4 years back. At one point in the time i was making videos youtube was going through a phase of deleting gaming videos/channels; I was one of those channels. Luckily i was able to get my channel back however not the videos. Anyway, now,3-4...
  4. Richard the Espeon

    Bandai Channel is blocking my video WORLDWIDE (halp)

    I recently tried uploading a video to YouTube. It was the English opening to Neon Genesis Evangelion (with English credits and theme). The English version of A Cruel Angel's Thesis was fan-made and the English version of the show was from MyAnimeStream (which is why it had its watermark). When I...
  5. O

    YouTubes official blog says we have permission to upload copyrighted content

    YouTubes creator blog posted recently that record labels have a license agreement allowing content to stay up via content ID claims.Read what I attached.
  6. bikash

    Does any one know about United Clips Network?

    Does any one know about United Clips? i got copyright claims from this united clips but dont know what is this? network or channel . searched almost every day but no records found about this. they are making almost every day copyright claims. i think this is a scam some one making so if any one...