copyrght claim

  1. RashadTheCreator

    Using movie/trailer footage in my videos

    Hi guys, quick question! I review movies,tv shows and trailers on my channel. I wanted to know how I go about using footage from trailers or movies in my videos without getting copyright claims. What is the best way to do this? Thanks!
  2. D

    Removed Copyrighted Music, still CANT Monetize?!

    Hi people, I have a small YouTube Channel with 7.5k Subscribers. I made a video months ago, put royality free music (non Copyrighted), got about 100k views with activated adrevenue and the creator of the music decided 2 months after the creation of the video, to claim the adrevenue due the...
  3. K

    How youtube allow these channels to use copyright images and video

    Hi all :) i new to youtube and like to start new channel and monetize it. i am concerning about the fair usage of copyright material, My channel will be History documentary based so it gonna use lots of copyright images. I saw various youtube channels on what ads are running but they are...
  4. Mark Stise

    Copyright does that apply to a song done in 1928?

    I current project evolves a song my Helen Kane called I want to be loved by you. She sang this song in 1928 but I can't be certain that Youtube wont flag it for copyright infringement. I mean how do I find out if a song done 90 years ago is even in the public domain or not? Do anybody have any...
  5. Paranoia_Origins

    Why am I'm getting copyrights alerts on my videos?

    Why am I'm getting copyrights alerts on my videos, like for example my monster hunter video, i got a copyright alert and it said from the time in the video the copyright thing happen was during a cutscene (in the game it was nothing i added or could change) so pretty much i don't know what to...
  6. FaPN

    Why am I still getting copyrights alerts on my videos while I'm doing parodies ?

    Hey guys I create parodies using Tom and Jerry videos and everytime I upload a video I get a copyright claim ( from WBTV the owners of Tom and Jerry TV ) . I know that uploading cartoon videos ( which belong to big companies ) is not allowed on youtube but I'm making parodies so it's a fair use...
  7. B

    Does YouTube stay impartial?

    I heard of cases where either big networks or other big entities offer cooperation with, or investment in YT channels under the terms which the owners of those channels don't agree with and are than getting manipulated and attacked on multiple fronts by those big entities with things like...
  8. B

    Royalty free sources and CR risks?

    I'm speaking of sheer inexperience but are safe sources of royalty free material for commercial purposes with zero risk of illegitimate claims or any hassle by the authors/owners/uploaders of that material if they see their material being used commercially in a video reaching ...say... 1.5M...
  9. Tarek 47

    Can i use others youtubers Gmv or Amv in my video ?

    I was uploading another YouTubers Gmv and Amv and translate them to another language and I give the credits to them in my description but I was wondering if this is legal or I should tell the owners that I take their video and use it and if I don't tell them can youtube delete or ban my...
  10. Prodz Here

    New strategy for small youtubers under 10000 views

    Hey guys, I have less than 10000 views on my youtube, so I can't monetize or I can't get money from my monetization, which sucks a lot, but I was thinking and since we can't really make monetize and get money until 10000 money can't we usemaybe a few copyright songs in montages or just a little...
  11. M

    Music in the background?

    Hey guys I was recording the otger day and I had pandora playing in the background (not ideal for recording, i know) but i was wondering in this case, what's the copyright situation? If it makes a difference, the music is only playing for like 10 seconds of the video.
  12. Daisyah

    Copyright issue?

    If I use under 30 seconds of songs to show my favorite songs, will I get a strike ? you know like most people do, I was just wondering cause I worked hard and I don't want it to get removed.
  13. zaffron

    Somebody using my YouTube Content in Dailymotion

    Today while surfing through "" i found lots of users there are using my YouTube Content in their dailymotion channels without getting Copyright from me. So what should i do ? i sent copyright reports on dailymotion against those accounts. But what should i do from YouTube side ?
  14. Scandinavian Freckles

    photo of famous person?

    Hi everyone !! I have a question. I was wondering if I would get a copyright strike/claim if I use a picture of an actor from a movie? I am going to be using the picture of macaulay culkin from the home alone movies in my thumbnail and I really don't want to get in trouble. So if anyone has...