Do you need permission for Video Game footage?


I've Got It
My channel isn't eligible for monetization but I'm hoping to have it be eligible, because of this I want to make sure I am uploading all 100% legal content so I'm able to monetize them in the future. I don't normally make video game related videos but I'm working on one currently that shows footage of the Sims 4. Do I need to get permission from EA to show this game or will I be fine? I found a form to fill out to request permission but I'm not sure if that's necessary.
Sadly, there is no one set simple answer as each developer has their own rules on what can and can't be used.

If you were to search for the '"Let's Play"-friendly developers Wiki,' that should give you a rough idea of what to expect, but it's always best to check with each individual developer/ producer to confirm before doing anything.

If you need permission and fail to get it, the result could be anything from them monetizing your videos to them issuing a copyright strike and having the video removed.
It’s actually not fair use as that would be, for example a movie scene with Sims 4 in the background and not part of the story. But you are using a work not created or owned by you to make a work of your own. Only a judge in a court can actually decide if its fair use. Mainly that the work falls under non profit education use. Or that the work could still exist without the piece in question being used. However everyone just does it anyway and the worst that happens is you get a claim, a block or a strike. If many other sims 4 vids are out there, I’d assume nothing will happen to you. So go for it.