I am eligible for monetization with only 130 subs???

Jack Decker

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I was roaming around on the backend of my channel and clicked on "Channel" and looked over my status on things. Lo and behold, I'm eligible for monetization. Buuuttttt I only have 130 subscribers and 22,736 minutes of viewing time. I thought I had to have at least 1,000 subs and 240,000 minutes of viewing time. When I click on "Learn More", that exactly what it says. Soooooooo why does my "Status & Features" page say I am eligible? Should I click "Enable"?
Hi Jack. It means your eligible to apply.. therein you wait for plenty long time! until you (a) reach the required targets. (b) reach the required target and still wait for plenty long time!

Hey! That's doesn't sound that great! LOL Okay, okay, I get ya. But why say I am eligible to apply when I would be turned down because I didn't met their arbitrarily set targets?
You won't even be applying now. You will be placed in a long queue to be reviewed for eligibilty to join the YouTube Partner Program. When you reach the review threshold of 4000 watch time hours in the previous 365 days, and 1000 subscribers, your channel will be reviewed for compliance with the YouTube Terms of Service, Copyright Law, the YouTube Community Guidelines and Commercial and Privacy Usage rights.

Failing any of these review points will cause your channel to be declared either temporarily or permanently ineligible for monetization; depending on the infractions the review team finds.

Setting up your application now simply means you won't need to do it when you reach the threshold, and the review will be set to begin automatically when your turn in line comes.
When you apply, there will appear a counter with last years hours of watchtime and the number of subscribers you have at the moment. So you can easily have a look at where you are standing with you channel.
You're eligible to start the application process of becoming a monetised channel but you won't be reviewed until you bypass 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

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