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  1. C

    Monetization of new channel from existing ad sense

    Hi. I just started a new YT channel with a business partner. We only have 8 subscribers and a trailer, and I was shocked to go in and see today that an ad has been placed on the trailer. I read somewhere that YouTube can randomly put ads on your channel if it’s brand safe content. Is this the...
  2. P

    YouTube Monetization

    Monetization Channel 201x 135 USD Monetization Channel 202x 130 USD Monetization Channel 2006-2009 145 USD 1K subscribe 33 USD 4K HOUR 27 USD 10-15 DAYS Payment method: Bitcoin, USDT, ETH Offical Artist Track CID
  3. A


    How do you make money on YouTube? It isn’t that easy and it can take years to build up your followers and to monetize the content you create. But there are some key steps you can take so that your channel can grow fast and make money. We’ve taken the time to break it down so you can figure out...
  4. Boris Qs

    Can you Monetize Meditation Music on YouTube 2021

    In this video we will be looking at one of the easiest opportunities to earn money on YouTube without the need for an expensive camera, lights, complicated software, or advance video editing skills. You don't even have to show your face in the videos! Join the YouTube Talk Facebook Grp...
  5. ASMRher

    How long does it take Youtube to review your channel for monetization?

    Per title. I just hit more than 4000 hrs of watch time and over 1000 subs 2 days ago. Youtube is saying it takes them about 1 month to review it. I wonder how long do they actually take? How long did they take to review your channels for monetization? Leave a comment below.
  6. C00LmAn

    hit the target but still in review YOUTUBE PARTNER PROGRAM

    I HAVE gain 4000 hours view and 1000 subscriber for over a month but still under review for the monetization, i need help for that
  7. Paranoia_Origins

    Having some SERIOUS! issues with Monetization and Adsense. Need Help ASAP!

    its a lot to set here and talk about it so i'll try to sum it on with images and few words. If all fails i need to be able to contect adsense and talk to a live person only why i see myself fixing this annoying as issue. :( if anyone knows other ways i can CONTACT adsense and youtube other then...
  8. Jack Decker

    I am eligible for monetization with only 130 subs???

    I was roaming around on the backend of my channel and clicked on "Channel" and looked over my status on things. Lo and behold, I'm eligible for monetization. Buuuttttt I only have 130 subscribers and 22,736 minutes of viewing time. I thought I had to have at least 1,000 subs and 240,000...
  9. A

    No Loger eligible for monetization due to duplication. What doe it mean?

    HI, I woke up to a mail from youtube titled "No longer eligible for monetization". Anyway, further checks I made revealed that the reason given by youtube is DUPLICATION.Please Read the statement below. Duplication In most cases, you can’t reupload someone else's content unless you get...
  10. P

    Monetization on this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity

    how to solve "Monetization on this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity" ? my account have been disable for Monetization feature ? can anyone help me to fix this problem regard
  11. B

    Is it possible to monetize under this circumstances?

    My channel is a confirmed partner, my country - Slovenia EU - is in the partnership program and on my monetization page - Channel > Monetization > Apply for monetization - I have the green circle checked out and next to it says: "YouTube Partner Program terms accepted". So does that mean I...
  12. Jiri82pi

    How to make money on my high traffic channel when adsense does not make money

    OK,.. The question is simple how to make money on my channel which has almost 100k views per day. Adsense does not work because the theme of my videos is probably not interesting to advertisers. Some ideas?
  13. scrambeld eggz

    What and why do ppl monetization

    Hay ladies and gentlemen just wondering what monetization is for and why ppl do it
  14. Prodz Here

    New strategy for small youtubers under 10000 views

    Hey guys, I have less than 10000 views on my youtube, so I can't monetize or I can't get money from my monetization, which sucks a lot, but I was thinking and since we can't really make monetize and get money until 10000 money can't we usemaybe a few copyright songs in montages or just a little...
  15. A

    YouTube deactivated Monetization that I never wanted in the first place

    Hello, few days ago I activated monetization and created an Adsense account by mistake. Thanks to that, I couldn't join a Network because I was already Partner with the Youtube Partnership Program. I immediately disabled monetization, including all ads, this even before monetization was approved...
  16. A

    "Sorry, your Youtube account is already connected to "my channel name" "

    A Network send me an invitation on my dashboard. I followed the steps to accept the terms, when at the end this message appears. It says my account is already connected to my channel. Before viewing the invitation, I activated the monetization and created a google adsense account. I think it's...
  17. P

    Monetizing videos before AdSense account is confirmed?

    Hello, I opened an AdSense account but haven't yet go through the process of confirmation. I just got some password via SMS. I would like to monetize videos and just wait untill I have a confirmed account for payments but don't want for the videos to go non monetized before I get that PIN...