Monetization on this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity

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how to solve "Monetization on this account has been disabled due to invalid click activity" ?
my account have been disable for Monetization feature ?
can anyone help me to fix this problem

It is possible but it takes forever to achieve.....
The first thing you have to ask is why it's happened? Did you click on ads in your own videos? Have you upset someone on Reddit and they've put an ad bot on your videos?
If it's the first answer then you've got no chance. Your IP is tracked by Google and if they know it's you then your monetization is gone.
If you can prove that it was someone else then there is a small chance it can be re instated.
Start the dispute procedure if you are sure you've done nothing wrong but if you've been clicking your own ads then I wouldn't even bother.
The most important thing is figuring out why you were disabled, do you use adsense with anything besides your YouTube channel(s)? Once you've determined where the invalid click activity is coming from, then you can write a good appeal based on that. There is no point writing an appeal to google stating that you did nothing wrong, as they know that isn't the case, what you need to do is figure out where your invalid activity is coming from, why it's coming from there (that wasn't your doing), and how you are going to correct it.
Just to be clear - Clicking on ads by yourself, friends or family members in order to increase earnings is FRAUD.

Google take fraud very seriously. Once an adsense account has been terminated, then that's it GONE forever.

Locking this.
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