Compilation Videos and monetization. Is this still possible?


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Hi, i've been doing alot of research on these compilation channels, and people like David Vlas and Bye 9 to 5. These people are claiming you can make these compilation videos and make ALOT of money from it. I've seen alot of these compilation channels blow up in a period of 1 to 2 months. I want to know if you can still get monetized from this? Is youtube really cracking down on this? Theres very little information about this on the internet besides people that convince you to throw away hundreds of dollars into their "courses". I've tried making some compilations myself. Is it worth wasting my time on this? Will youtube even accept my channel for monetization once reaching 4000 watch hours off of compilation videos?
I've moved this to the monetization discussion forum. :) I'd imagine that the chances of monetizing a compilation channel are now pretty low since there wouldn't be very much original content. If you added a lot of your own commentary, it might work, but I don't think that's the kind of compilation channel you are referring to...

May I suggest you read the thread whose URL without the http part is pasted below? You sound like one of the people I am talking about there; and if you are indeed, your quest for monetization is very likely to fail.

And when you've finished that, I suggest you read my Medium article series-in-progress pasted below, and take its lessons to heart.

Simply replace the pt-1 at the end of the URL with pt-2 to find the second part. Part 3 will most likely be finished at the end of March. Be sure to read any comments to the articles as well.
You are in luck because I have actually watched all the videos in both the beginner and advanced Bye 9 - 5 Youtube courses. So the answer is, no you will not get monetized making compilation videos and many compilation channels have already been demonetized. The courses show you how to get monetized by making your own videos first. Normally this would take months or years so the course shows you how to make an hour long video and then go to social media panels to buy 4,000 views and 1,000 subscribers to get into the review, and also how to buy a whole monetized Youtube channel so you skip the review. Both methods are against Youtube policies. I have seen people in the Facebook group get monetized though, even by posting a single hour long video. After getting monetized, the course teaches to upload creative commons videos from other channels which can be made into compilations. The advanced course teaches how to edit copyrighted videos to avoid being detected by the Youtube bots. The goal is to make as much money as possible until the channel gets suspended or demonetized. It seems to work for some people but I don't know how they do it.