9 Channels + 3 YouTube Accounts + 1 Adsense

P K Saha

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I am little bit confused. Please clear my confusion.

I have 9 channels in 3 Google accounts i.e. YouTube accounts and I have 1 Adsense account.

Can I add these 9 channels which belongs to different Google accounts into single adsense account?

If I can, how many channels can I add to single Google Adsense?
And how many Google accounts i.e. YouTube accounts can I use for single Adsense?

Google always says one can create multiple YouTube channels in single account and add multiple channels in single Adsense account. But my question is that how many exactly? Exact quantity for channel and adsense.

I think no one has ever hit a limit. I know I have more than three YouTube accounts and more than 9 channels on various accounts connected to my Adsense. I also know that one is only ever allowed to have one Adsense account; so there may actually be no limit.

I just linked my 14th or 15th channel; I had partnered with this one but never associated my Adsense; so I have lost a little revenue. Keep going, as you are nowhere near any kind of limit.
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