Recent videos randomly 'not adv. friendly' - then the next day they are, and so on.

I've been having something odd happening with the monetization of my videos recently.
I'll post a video and it will get say to 20,000 views in a couple of days. Then I'll notice the dreaded yellow "$" saying my video is not advertiser friendly. However, a day or so later the yellow "$" is back to green and all is good. But it may continue to switch back and forth over a week's time.

Is this because of bots determining my video is not advertiser friendly and then a real person overrides it? Is it the flagging process that is causing this - where say too many flags or thumbs down and you automatically get a yellow "$" until its manually reviewed?

I also noticed that if I click for 'manual review' that often I get the even more dreaded "$" with a slash - game over. So, I don't click that anymore!

I honestly haven't paid much attention to any of this in the past but just noticed it this week.

FYI - I've been a partner since 2008, have the verified check mark and the silver play button. I don't know if any of those credentials help or hurt when it comes to one's 'advertiser friendly' status.
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