Ruth Taylor

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I am struggling to come to understand whats happened with my channel.
I was able to set up monetization on my channel and then I was able to get my adsense account approved. I looked into the adsense account and it had gone to a different email to the one thats connected with my channel. So I closed that adsense account.
I then went to set it up with the correct email and it seemed to go through fine and then all of a sudden I go to my channel and monetization is disabled.
Im not even sure what I have done ? As all the videos are my own help?
As of current it says Monetization on this account has been disabled. Learn more in a box with disabled at the bottom :(
when I clicked learned more its just super vague and isn't telling me exactly why
It's Hard To Say What's Going On Without Looking At It On Your End, But I've Disabled Mine Before By Accident And I Just Went Back To It And Re-Enabled It. Are You Going To Channel, then clicking monetization on the status and features section ?
Yeah, is there another way to access it other than that way ? If its any help all my videos have a dollar sign with a line through it next to them and when you roll the mouse over just says not available for monetization
Try Actually Going To Monetization ( The Actual Word That's Under " Status And Features " ) And See If They Give You More Options And/Or Information. If Not Then Scroll To The Bottom Of Your Youtube Home Page, Click Help, And Send Them An Email. When I Got In Contact With Them It Didn't Take Long For Them To Respond So You Should Be Fine.
I'm not able to the option has disappeared which is why I'm super confused as it was there for a bit but I may have to email them aha thanks though
I will try to explain what I think happend in your case.You might dont know this,cuz I can tell that you didnt done enouf reasearch before opening adsense account.Anyway the thing that happend with your adsense is account is taht your account that you oppened first got banned/or you didnt closed that account properly or at all.So short version of Adsense policy is "You are forbiden to have multpy Adsense accounts under the same name adn adress,and also only one person is allowed to have Adsense account under their name in hte family" Something in those lines. So you probablly got banned,and you can say goodbye to adsense now.Also why I said taht you didnt done any reasearch is,you couldve just left that first Adsense account alone.You dont need to your adsense have same email as your youtube,it really dosent matter.Poeples have multipy channels with difrenet emails connected to only one Adsense,cuz taht how Adsense work.You only need one account,email really dosent matter. Also now that you got your monetezation disabled on your channel,you can say goobye to taht channel also,cuz you will never earn money on that channel,cuz networks will not accepted channels with disabled monetezation/banned adsense accounts.

BIG NOTE FOR EVERYONE NEW TO ADSENSE Please do your reasearch before you do anything at first place,cuz if you dont do enouf reasearch this will happen.

And I am not trying to sound like some mean person here no,I am just sad that you didnt done enouf reasearch and now no more Adsense for you.