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  1. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Do You Have Good Posture? Do This To Fix It!

    Chur Guys! :D
  2. MistyEmma


    Want to catch the rarest Pokemon? Here's how to catch mew:
  3. Banished


    Part 2&3 of how to gain confidence is out. Let me know what you think and ill review a video or your channel of your choice.
  4. Banished


    Part 2&3 of how to gain confidence is out! let me know what you think! Also give feedback on any video you want :)
  5. Kieran Hedley Fitness


    Hope you enjoy it! :D
  6. Banished

    Looking to gain confidence?

    Hey thought this might help people. Part of of how to gain confidence. Let me know what you think.
  7. Kousuke-shii

    Will I get a copyright strike if...?

    So, I'm currently in the making of an Anime related video so obviously I'm gonna be using clips and pictures from different animes. The thing is, I see a lot of anime related channels get copyright strikes because of using parts from different animes. My question is, how high are the chances...
  8. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How to eat like a fitness model

  9. ShadyViper

    Is My Commentary OK?

    How To Think Of Great Video Ideas!? In this video I try to give tips which i used in my last video, this video and future videos.I hope you enjoy:) Check out my social media: Last vid...
  10. FernandoMask

    How to get views?

    I cant talk that much about views because I'm new at Youtube but do you guys have any suggestions to help me and other Youtubers grow their channel?
  11. notjamie

    EXACTLY How to Build/Grow a Minecraft Channel

    Hey guys, I have a second channel called SlimeCraft101 that has about 600 subscribers and I am going to share with you guys how to grow it and what I did. Step 1. Find a server. Ideally, this server should have about 300-500 players on it regularly. It also helps if it's growing a lot. Also...
  12. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Overtraining Vlog :D

    Yo guys! Got a new video up about how to tell if you're overtraining or under resting, and how important it is to avoid it! I appreciate any feedback/critique/support as well, especially on vlogging in general! :D Chur!
  13. Tevan

    HOW TO GROW YOUR YOUTUBE QUICKLY. My first channel = 15k subs, My second channel = 261subs

    Hey, guys it is Tevan again. I created an account here last night and for those of you who didn't read my introduction message. Here's a little background on my youtube history as of now, my first channel ever which was once named "LyriczLegend4Ever" (now named "Tevan") has about 15k subs as of...
  14. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How to build your chest & triceps & how to handle shoulder pain

    Yo! How to build your chest and triceps! This video also covers shoulder impingement workaround methods and of course some extra goofiness is included (; Hope you guys like it! Any support/feedback/critique is greatly appreciated! (: Chur guys, Kieran Hedley
  15. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Shoulder problems & how to pose!

    Yo guys! I've recently begun YouTube and would love any support/feedback/critique any of you may have (: My most recent video is on my shoulder problems, and how you can work around them. I then dive into posing practice for Men's Physique. Here's the link if you're interested! Chur guys! Kieran
  16. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Eat Pizza, Get Fit

    Super cool recipe for muscle building, fat burning pizza! Recipe is attached to the video if you guys want a written copy :D Chur!
  17. Edmagician

    How to rank high in search

    Now I'm still not an expert on this but I have learned a few things with my old channel and the new one I've created. My last account hit 18k subscribers in a few months. The thing I learned is when I was making my videos was... How many people search for something and how many videos are made...
  18. A

    If you subscribe to me I'll sub back

    Guys check out my channel it's called Tekkaz subscribe and leave a comment I'll will sub to u
  19. dopeglam

    Thumbnail help please

    Hey guys I was wondering what do you use other than photo shop ( give me free places) to do thumbnails now when I day thumbnails you could look at mine they aren't super bad but I want to know how to make them like me cut out of a pic then copied on a background if you don't know what I mean...
  20. BrandonJMusic

    Hey guys, I'd love some input from you!

    I'm starting a hybrid original music/lessons channel, and I need some outside eyes to be critical of my stuff. As of now, I only have piano lessons up, but ill eventually branch out to voice, guitar and production... But what I would like to know now is how am I doing so far? What changes can...
  21. Mr Danny

    How To: Twitter! (Not Really Though)

    Tiwter is great. We all know that. But you know what's better? A dumb video of a guy talking about Twitter. Obviously.
  22. Morbidejs

    Subscribe button missing in my videos

    Hello everyone! I`m copletely new to YouTube, but for the last week did some intensive research on the basics. You can find thousands of usefull videos on same topics, but there is one little thing no one mentions in their videos about how to add a watermark and Subscribe button to your videos...
  23. mylesunlimited

    How to Make A Good Gaming Montage

    I'm dropping my first channel highlights montage on Wednesday and I was really struggling during the production of it. Since a lot of clips are involved it took a while to shuffle and reshuffle them to put in the suitable places. During the production I realized that the change of pace and sound...
  24. GrgakGames

    How to make a decent game review

    I know not many people does these but maybe this could be of some help in the future. So first things first making these can be a hassle and REALLY overwhelming if you are not prepared. First up is audio quality, if you are a college student with little to no money (like me) there are things...
  25. AuthorFilms Studios

    How to record HD stable Drone footage | Tutorial

    Here is a tutorial on how you can record HD drone footage drone your drone for cheap! Hope you enjoy!
  26. Specs

    How to run a community channel?

    Hi my name is Austin. I'm looking to start a community channel but I want to know what I'm in for first. I have a few questions about it, as I cannot find anything on how to run one. I think I've got the basic legalities down, like I can't monetize because it is not my content but I want to make...
  27. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Chocolate Mug Cake

    Don't have time to make a whole cake, but want a chocolate fix? Why not make a mug cake? Just 3 ingredients and one minute in the microwave, and you have a great chocolate cake.
  28. WeiseGamer

    How to Properly Review a Game

    Hey YTTalk, Have you ever reviewed a game, but don't think you did it well? Perhaps you thought about reviewing a game before, but you didn't know how to go about it. I've been reviewing games through print, online articles, and videos for over 5 years now and, though I don't consider myself an...
  29. javacentral

    Made some butter?!

  30. javacentral

    How to make coffee butter