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  1. Courtney Candice

    How to get rid of acne

    How to get rid of acne using drug store products, I use to have acne until I started using the products mentioned in the video. before I discovered these products I tried so many different brands and none of them really worked I eaither had a bad reaction to other acne products or they just...
  2. FreshPolygons

    3D Modeling Tutorials and Speed Modeling Videos

    Hi everyone! I just started a new channel focused on 3D modeling, with a beginner's guide to 3ds Max series, tips and techniques, as well as speed modeling videos. If you've always wanted to get into 3D modeling, whether for CG animation, motion graphics, or game design, you'll be well on your...
  3. AllVisuals4U

    'How To And Style' or 'Education'

    Hi there, I'm creating video tutorials, but what's the best video category for my content? Should i use 'How To And Style' or 'Education'? Does it make much difference? Currently i'm using 'How To And Style' for all my videos.
  4. Violet

    Looking for YouTubers who does Educational Videos/Tutorials

    Hi, I'm Violet Yap from Singapore. I would like to collaborate with YouTubers who does any form of Educational Videos & Tutorials to allow me to place their YouTube links for free on my Online Tutorial Platform. It's a Singapore startup but I'm opening up to Global Educators. I would most...
  5. Courtney Candice

    How to get rid of acne

  6. UnboxingSve

    How to have perfectly clean display all the time?

    Don`t you hate when you smartphone display or lap top screen is in a mess from all that dust and oil? Well, check this cheap cool item that can help you to solve these issues.
  7. The Guillotine Channel

    Oobleck experiment!


    Common Errors Gaming Channels Make

    I discovered what I have been doing wrong with my gaming channel. Maybe what I have discovered will help you out. When it comes to gaming, we have a lot of competition to compete with and what we need to do is perfect our content and make it irresistible. Watch my video below and find out how I...
  9. IceTwig

    Get more likes?

    I do ask viewers to like the video, comment and all that.. but they never really seem to actually do it. I had a few fairly successful videos, albeit they were some of my worst back from what I was first starting and tried out adsense. Then I stopped paying and my channel calmed down a bit, now...
  10. Jawad Soomro


    This tutorial is all about Speed ramping and time remapping. There is easier and faster method to control the speed of videos. Also called 'speed ramping'.
  11. ImChazza

    5 Tips on How to Win More Gunfights in PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds

    My first ever tips and tricks video for PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds! Thank you to anyone who decides to watch:)
  12. Heather White

    How Often Should You Rest & Recover In Between Workouts?

    My tips on why your body needs to rest in between workouts, how often you should recover, and what exactly a rest day looks like. I have more fit videos on my channel and I post new content every Monday & Friday. Come subscribe and join my tribe! The Importance of Rest & Recovery
  13. K

    Camera Suspension Arm

    Hi, guys. I am looking for a suspension arm to hold my Sony A5000 (400 grams/0.8 lbs) exactly like you would normally suspend a microphone (Google Images: microphone suspension) Any suggestions or pointers to where I could acquire such an arm? Or ways to modify one to fit my purpose? PS...
  14. ohlucio

    Self promotion

    Hey guys, How do you promote yourselves and your channel when you don't have much views and subscribers? I tried to share my videos to Google plus, Facebook and Twitter, but it does not work well because I don't have enough followers in my social network. I am wondering how did you do this to...
  15. J-Hill

    How to vlog - a beginners guide.

    I have been on YouTube a long time off and on. I make videos about a multitude of things to do with nerd culture, learning Japanese and I make vlogs. This How to will be short and sweet but I will put a video where i talk about it in more detail at the bottom if you wanna learn more! Prelude...
  16. KingleBricks

    Analytics App

    If you haven't already you can download the studio app on your phone. I find the analytics are somewhat easier to read and seems to have easier accessible info like the estimated views and the audience info, just seems to be a bit easier than on PC just thought I throw out that tip!
  17. Heather White

    Beach Bum Workout On Newport Beach!

    I had an amazing time with my roommate at Newport Beach! I decided to film a vlog and workout while I was there. My vlog will be up next week. Make sure you subscribe so you don't miss it! :bounce: Beach Booty Workout
  18. Heather White

    When To Replace Running Shoes & How To Get Fitted

    Proper footwear is so important in seeing the most out of your workouts. Here's some tips to go by when to replace them and how to get fitted! If you enjoy, share and subscribe to show your support and spread health and awareness. The Importance of Proper Footwear Heather
  19. Mr Danny

    How To: CELEBRATE!

    Wanna have some fun...? Yeah...? You do...? Great.. BUT TO LEARN HOW TO FIRST WATCH THIS VIDEO! SO EDUCATIONAL! SO FUN! SO... SO.
  20. kawhale

    Finished/Closed We need to talk about your logo....

    Listen guys, you've really gotta stop relying on MS paint, simple GIMP/Photoshop defaults and color gradients and most of all Comic Sans. Why do you think you're getting so few views(if at all, especially if you don't have video thumbnails.) and not having them translate into subscribers...
  21. Heather White

    How To Meal Prep Chicken Recipes For The Whole Week

    A step by step guide to meal prepping chicken for beginners. Awesome for anyone trying to lose weight or build muscle! Chicken Meal Prep Recipes
  22. OSHStudios

    animation run cycle tutorial

  23. P

    I got over 600 subs

    My subs are slowly rising but hustling to hit my next milestone of 1000.
  24. Courtney Candice

    Black lines on thumbnail

    I use the average YouTube thumbnail size but on my recent thumbnails YouTube is adding black lines at top and bottom. Does anyone know why these black lines are appearing and how can I prevent it?
  25. Heather White

    Easy Raspberry Strawberry Smoothie Recipe

    Quick and easy breakfast smoothie that only take a few ingredients and a few minutes to make. More awesome fitness tips on my channel! Raspberry Strawberry Smoothie Recipe Love&Peave, Heather
  26. ItsOriginalToMe

    Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?

    So Im looking for a few new youtube channels to subscribe to so I was wondering what are your favorite youtubers? Mine are Nigahiga, JacksGap, dicasp, Shaytards, and CTFxC What are yours?

    My Husband Does My Makeup Voiceover!!!

  28. Dismal Bliss

    How to find your YouTube invitation link

    How to find your YouTube invitation link on Android, should you want to post it on other social networks, email, etc. SUBSCRIBE:
  29. FrankCos

    "Tasty" Style Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

    I've been playing with an iPhone production and editing app called dubsuite. It's a little rough, but I was able to make the following video. Thoughts? Questions? How does it stack up to all the recipe videos flooding Facebook these days?
  30. R

    How can I get more traffic to my channel?

    Hi everyone this is my first ever post. I just wanted to know how to get more subs and likes and how did you all go about doing it. My channel is Top Drawer, search for it and let me know what you think?