How can I get more traffic to my channel?

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Hi everyone this is my first ever post.

I just wanted to know how to get more subs and likes and how did you all go about doing it.

My channel is Top Drawer, search for it and let me know what you think?
It'll probably get locked , nothing against you, but there's several stickies that talk about it.

Have titles that explain what the video is
Have keywords in description and tags that allow it to be searched

Make interesting videos people will share

Don't sub for sub
I see a lot of people say create good and interesting content and they're right but at times when making a video a person can feel that it is the best video ever but to most it can be total crap. What I suggest is networking in places similar to your videos

And what I mean by that is if you create nothing but Pokémon content don't just use Facebook and twitter to promote your videos go to Pokémon forums or areas . Get yourself involved in the community ( don't just jump in a post videos cause it'll get annoying) and once and a while promote your channel and a video or too I guarantee you'll get some traffic .

And always rewatch your videos and make sure that you're not sounding like the other 100 million people on YouTube make sure you have something that makes you pop

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I wish you the best. ^_^
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