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  1. nyah sky

    3 hairstyles using a bandana

    Make simple hairstyles looks cooler with a bandana.
  2. abhinavguptaonline

    How To Be A Leader

  3. M

    Gaming Looking for a Collabrocation

    I am a small YouTuber with almost 1K subs. I am looking to Collab with someone preferbly who has a channel based on FIFA Content, also I wouldn't mind doing a dual commentary about general YouTube talks such as 'How to'
  4. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Bread Pudding

    Today, we're making bread pudding with an easy cream! Melted ice cream and some eggs make a perfect custard for this simple, delicious ice cream.
  5. ApexTV

    Steps to Getting 2,000 Subscribers (and a MILLION Views)

    In this post I will go over some of the ways my channel has managed to acquire over 2,100 subscribers and how you can too! Also, you 1. The first thing you want to focus on is making a channel. Making an attractive channel is different than just making a YouTube channel. This means adding...
  6. abhinavguptaonline

    How To Study Like A Boss!

  7. Oscar J Stones

    Thoughts on my newest video?

    I was wondering if somebody could take a look at my most recent video and tell me what you think about it? Does my intro work well enough? Is the pacing okay? Is the editing competent? Any and all feedback's much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  8. abhinavguptaonline

    How To Be Confident

  9. crackbot72

    How to draw hank hill easiest way tutorial

    longest video by a longshot. good video though.
  10. abhinavguptaonline

    How To Rap

  11. Dimo Dimov

    How to become a great youtuber?

    Hello,i remember the time when i wanted to make videos and share them in youtube,i was like 11 y/o now i am 17 y/o.I couldn't make videos before because i hadn't a good computer for this.Now i have a stable computer (not good not bad) and i want to make my dream to come true.I made a few videos...
  12. SwankGaming

    How Do You Feel About Giveaways?

    Giveaways is something a youtuber do to give back to the people that have been supporting them and done the right way and for the right reason it doesn't sound bad quite humble, but from what I've been seeing some people take advantage of giveaways. There are some youtubers who post giveaways at...
  13. MitchProVideos

    How can I get the money I make off youtube?

    I have an absence account linked, but how can I receive the money. At the moment its only a couple of dollars but when I want the money where or how do I get it.
  14. ApexTV

    How to Get More Views Using Google Plus

    When it comes to YouTube video marketing, Google Plus is one of, if not the best, marketing tool. If you want to get some viewers to your video, share it on Google Plus. I'm not talking about simply pasting the video link and hitting the share button, but rather joining what are called...
  15. TechSquizz

    Oculus Rift VR G920 Racing Review - Latest Video

    Hi fellow YTTalkers! Here is our latest video for review. We would love to hear your thoughts. We tried as few different things again. This video is more informative as regards to How to's and pitfalls with the product and its setup. No teleprompter was used. Was shot and edited over 3 days...
  16. C

    ☻ How To Share Gold On Xbox One ☻

  17. R


    I was wondering if you could review my video "3 Easy Steps To Making A Minecraft House", and if you could give me any tips.
  18. M

    Check out my How Guys Fall Asleep Video

    Hey guys- check out my channel and videos and I would love your feedback.
  19. xingcat

    3 Ingredient Recipes: Brown Butter Rice Cereal Treats

    A kids' classic gets a grown up makeover with the addition of brown butter. The final 3 ingredient recipe video for 2015!
  20. G

    looking for some feedback on my tech channel

    I have a youtube channel based on tech and im not getting the feedback on the channel that I thought I should of had by know.I currently have 473 subscriber and about 236,000 views I try and upload once a week.Companies send out products for me to review and I give my honest thoughts on it.All I...
  21. Brumtards

    How can we get our content noticed?

    Hi everyone! we havn't posted here for a while! Hope everyone is good :D So we have been doing our Youtube channel now since February, we are averaging about 30+ views per video, and the odd few likes here and there.. We are currently stuck on 73 subscribers and struggling to get past that...
  22. GamingwithNick

    This Annoys Me Every Night (a guide)

    Every night before bed I check this forum to see if I can learn something new that I can meditate on before bed. To help my channel. In the process I read posts from new YouTubers (disclaimer: I am new too) who are asking for advice on getting views, subs etc... Naturally I want to see their...