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I have a youtube channel based on tech and im not getting the feedback on the channel that I thought I should of had by know.I currently have 473 subscriber and about 236,000 views I try and upload once a week.Companies send out products for me to review and I give my honest thoughts on it.All I want is for someone to tell me what they think about my channel and help me improve
i think you could improve on your channel art and your thumbnails, but that is all i have for now, because other than that you seem pretty good off channel wise.
thats about it though for now...
Ok thanks for the feedback I had someone make the thumbnail and I made the the banner but yeah I definitely have to improve on that.
In your post, you mention that you do reviews, but from looking at your channel, the first few videos I see aren't really reviews.

I think that you should use playlists (and put different playlists as sections on your channel) so that people can see the variety of content that you release and go to what interests them.