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    Posh Ajman Call Girls 0529501107 Call Girls Ajman Numbers

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  5. MikiSunshine

    YouTube Stopped Showing End Screen Links

    YouTube used to properly show my 2 videos choices and subscribe button on my end screen properly. For the last two videos uploaded, it doesn’t seem to want to do that anymore and the screen sections are just screwy. I add my end screen graphic before I process the edit In iMovie. The problem...
  6. A

    Looking to record video with iPhone but audio with AT2020 microphone, can I? Newbie!

    Hi everyone, Background – I’m looking to start a youtube channel in the real estate space, where I talk about different topics related to real estate investing (videos would be simple vlogs, sometimes I would be recording my screen). I’m wondering if it’s possible to record video with my iPhone...
  7. T

    Apple Card Need help what I need to improve on

    Apple Card is Finally Here ! Hey guys, just wanted some feedback on the quality of the video on what I need to improve on. thanks a lot !
  8. OndaWire

    iPhone headphone jack is BACK!

    If you miss your iPhone headphone jack, THIS WILL BRING YOU HAPPINESS! Check it out here: https://amzn.to/2tbHw4w This review is on the USAMS AU06 Lightning to 3.5mm ring holder iPhone Adapter. I saw this USAMS adapter and had to buy it and do a review! Just like every product I review, I tested...
  9. Te-Erika

    How do I convert my Iphone videos to mp4 to edit on my pc?

    I am now shooting with my iphone and it is so much better than a digital camera. The only issue is I have not figured out how to edit the videos on my PC. I can transfer them to my pc but every online video converter says my files are too large to convert from .mov to .mp4. How can I move past...
  10. Te-Erika

    How Do I Record Videos With My Iphone to Edit on My Laptop?

    My digital camera broke AGAIN and I was told I could record video on my new iPhone. I recorded a video, uploaded it to my GOOGLE DRIVE but couldn't open it in my video editor on my laptop. What am I missing here? I am pretty sure I don't want to upload directly to YouTube since I need to add my...

    I Got An Iphone 6S! I'm So Excited! - VLOG #207

    So, happy today! I got an Iphone 6S! The video quality of this thing is amazing. It will be such an improvement over my Galaxy On5. I only have to pay $10 a month for the Iphone. So cheap. Hope you enjoy watching! :)
  12. TechFit360

    Should You Buy The iPhone X ?

    I have been enjoying the iPhone X since day one. I find that I use the 4k 60fps Camera for videos a WHOLE Lot. Check out my latest video and don't forget to subscribe to the Techfit360 YouTube Channel!! Thanks
  13. Courtney Candice

    If Siri was emo

  14. Becky Keegan

    Should I Change From Bridge Camera Recording to IPhone Recording?

    Hey there! So a couple of years ago I made the huge mistake of not researching properly before I asked for a certain camera for Christmas. The camera in question is absolutely fantastic for photos...but it only records 640p on the video mode. I'm thinking of switching to using my IPhone 5s which...
  15. TATWWK

    Rave Reviews of Filmic Pro For Cinematic Quality

    For IPhone users, I have been reading a lot on Filmic pro to get your IPhone video quality up to the next level. Even a feature film Tangerine was shot on IPhone using this app. Some great features offered by this app, but not by the default camera are : 1. Control over focus and exposure. 2...
  16. Andreas Sandström

    Want to do a "journey to" type of vlog but is an Iphone good enough?

    First. I am new here. So if this is the wrong place to write, please tell me so that I ,or an admin, can do anything about it. Thanks! So I have a pretty set goal when it comes to my training that I would love to achive but it would be cool if I could vlog this at the same time. Document the...
  17. SeanFace101

    What format does iPhones record in?

    Can someone please let me know what video file format are the videos that are recorded from my iPhone? :P
  18. SeanFace101

    Videos Recorded From iPhone Dont Work on Windows Movie Maker!?

    Can anyone please tell me why any video I record using my iPhone cant be used in Windows Movie Maker? :P After I record it, send it to my laptop, then go to add the video file to WMM and it says I cant :P Im pretty sure I used to use iPhone videos on WMM a while ago. :P
  19. FrankCos

    Quick vlog testing an in-phone editing app

    So I put this together using old footage and an iPhone editing app (dubsuite). Pretty quick and dirty, but I thought it was a good experience. Thoughts? Questions? ALSO: I'm looking for recommendations for other apps to enhance my iPhone shooting and editing game. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  20. JRuncie

    IPhone vs. GoPro Hero 5 Black for recording

    Purchased a GoPro yesterday, and decided after having to replace it today to do a comparison on what I have been vlogging on (IPhone) to the GoPro. Hope this helps others.
  21. AM2PM

    iPhone Camera rig

    My budget doesn't allow me to get a new DSLR that can take great footage. So for now, I'm going to use my iPhone SE. I know the camera is great, and I already have a lens clip that gives me wide angle, fisheye and macro. I'd like to buy or make a camera rig. Any suggestions? I want stabilization...
  22. Jorge N

    Need Some Great Advice From You Guys!!

    Need some advice on how to continue making my videos ? i've been kind of struggling to get some views on my channel and was wondering if it was maybe the content any advice really helps!
  23. terror569

    Playing PokemonGO On iPhone 4?!?!

    well as the title say? :D
  24. SeanFace101

    How do i record a video of whats on my phone screen?

    How do i record a video of what I am doing on my phone? I want to make a video of me playing a game on my IPhone 6. :P
  25. SilverFuze

    What camera do you recommend?

    Hey Guys! At the moment I am doing most of my filming with a GoPro, but I need a vlogging camera. So what would you guys suggest as a beginner's option and what do you think of the idea of filming with my iphone?
  26. Hechtic Gaming

    Gaming iPhone: shooter/racing/minectaft

    I have 41 subscribers! I'm looking to collaborate with someone that has 30+ subscribers. I could play some console games but I have my iPhone setup.
  27. Seano1

    Siri is a savage

    My conversation with Siri did not go as expected...
  28. NickAguilla

    iPhone 6s as recording device

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a trick with you guys about recording with you iPhone. I'm using an iPhone 6s to record drums and I've achieved pretty decent results ! This post is mainly aimed at drummers ! So what I do with the iPhone is, I put a cloth on the bottom of the rim of the back...