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  1. Shurikex

    Gaming Building A YouTube Gaming Channel

    My name is Shurikex I'm 24 years old I'm looking to form a new YouTube channel that focuses on Gaming and Technology stuff.Mostly around 2-4 members for content and must have a little bit of YouTube experience.And so is best for everyone on here please have a bit of editing skills...
  2. OndaWire

    New NFC Sport connect Headphones and they work!

    So these NFC sport headphones were sent to me by AWEI to review and that's what I did! :dance: Check out the video and the honesty and tell me what you think. :up2:
  3. S

    Other Collab/Partner needed

    Hey guys. I'm currently trying to get in the whole flow of the "youtuber" kind of situation. I would very much appreciate it if you could leave/message me some tips about starting off. Blessed be. :)
  4. G

    looking for some feedback on my tech channel

    I have a youtube channel based on tech and im not getting the feedback on the channel that I thought I should of had by know.I currently have 473 subscriber and about 236,000 views I try and upload once a week.Companies send out products for me to review and I give my honest thoughts on it.All I...