1. KiddieToysReview

    Merchandising? Any experiences, advice?

    Anyone have experience with merchandising and can offer some pointers? Google searches keep bringing up, they even have a dedicated FAQ for Youtubers. Is this the best website to go with? Is a logo the only "standard" thing that people put on merchandise, or can we put our...
  2. Spaceshipcontrol

    Using branded products

    Hey guys, I have a question. Am i actually allowed to use branded products in my videos? In my videos, sometimes I use food items like cans of sodas or bottles of milk. Those have logos and names of certain brands on it, for example Coca Cola or Monster Energy or EDEKA. Is it okay if I put this...
  3. ChicTomboy


    Post Any Makeup Reviews You Want To Share With The Public. It Only Works if You Check Out Other Youtubers' Videos! Let's Support One Another.
  4. G

    looking for some feedback on my tech channel

    I have a youtube channel based on tech and im not getting the feedback on the channel that I thought I should of had by know.I currently have 473 subscriber and about 236,000 views I try and upload once a week.Companies send out products for me to review and I give my honest thoughts on it.All I...
  5. itsnicksnider

    Beauty Favorites Part 2!!!!!

  6. smithgirl86

    Collective Haul

    Hey Guys, I just posted a new video up on my channel, check it out if you’re interested! :)