This Annoys Me Every Night (a guide)


Loving YTtalk
Every night before bed I check this forum to see if I can learn something new that I can meditate on before bed. To help my channel. In the process I read posts from new YouTubers (disclaimer: I am new too) who are asking for advice on getting views, subs etc...

Naturally I want to see their channel (call me crazy). To either help them (I have a good grasp on SEO, and channel design IMO.) or to see how my channel stacks up.

But... I can't find their channel. Because the link under their post is the literal name of their channel. And it leads here
. To a page that says your channel does not exist.

A site like YTTalk can be a huge resource in gaining views, subscribers and feedback. You are completely wasting your time when you don't provide us with a useable link to your channel.

Step 1: visit your own channel.
Step 2: copy your URL (in search bar)
Step 3: Go to your YTTalk profile
Step 4: Replace URL with the real URL. (Hint: it should be similar to UcGjKdkdubHsksb-Jfjcons)
I have helped a lot of people with their channel links.

It's so annoying.
i just tell them something like " well if you want any type of views your channel needs to exist first " that usually gets them to fix it.