1. SunaGuidesPL

    Multilingual Trophy/Achievement Guides channel. Looking for a feedback and review! TIA!

    Hey, fellow Youtubers! My name is Sebastian and I decided to make gaming guides. I've graduated from University (European Law studies), learned English and Japanese and looking for a job currently. Ain't easy, lemme tell ya... It's hard. Figured I should put my 20 years of gaming experience...
  2. PartTimeHero

    SCUM | Everything you NEED to know before you buy and more

  3. Z


    Members must be 12-17 and good at these games: fortnite, rainbow six, rocket league and more. Every member must have ps4 and a decent mic. The amount of subscribers does'nt matter we are just looking to have a good time. Comment down below if looking to join or go to my youtube - ZincoGaming...
  4. Justin West

    How to Build an Email List from YouTube

    The best time to plant a tree was yesterday, the second best time is today. Building an email list from YouTube is like planting a tree--it doesn’t start growing until you plant it, and once it grows it can give you value for life. You must have heard it before--”start an email list” or “build...
  5. Tin Salaj

    RiME | Guide for speedrunning (Beginning)

    Welcome ladies and gentlemen. This is my first commentary in a long time. Hope you will enjoy the commentary or gameplay in this video. Have a great time and this video isn't only for speedrunning, but my exercise in making better commentaries. :)
  6. Tin Salaj

    RiME | Guide to beginning

    Move this to trash I cannot delete my post, so please admins do it for me since I accidentally deleted the video I wanted to showcase.
  7. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining?

    [Guide] Are YouTube Networks (MCNs) Worth Joining? Hello! Recently I wrote a guide called "[Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process". Unfortunately, I cannot link it due to my member restrictions, but if you want an Extensive guide full of Tips on Scripting your videos then check...
  8. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process

    [Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process So, YOU are wondering about scripting videos and the process? You've come to the right place. I run a lore and story channel that also produces loosely based video game content as well as videos regarding the background of some of our most...
  9. IceTwig

    Get more likes?

    I do ask viewers to like the video, comment and all that.. but they never really seem to actually do it. I had a few fairly successful videos, albeit they were some of my worst back from what I was first starting and tried out adsense. Then I stopped paying and my channel calmed down a bit, now...
  10. ceo Lorenzo

    Want To Aim Like a Pro? CS:GO Guide - How To Find Your Best Sensitivity (2017)

    Let me know what you think!
  11. PunchbowlGaming


    Evening all! If you are bored and don't know what to do come and join me in the chat of Stream Team Heroes. They are streaming Xcom 2 mod Longwar and it's pretty goooood
  12. ProjectJamesify

    How I went from 1K to 26K in two months (Gaming)

    Hi there guys, I know there's a bunch of these stories out already. But here's mine, perhaps I can help a few of you guys with it. This is meant mostly for Gaming YouTubers. Keep in mind, I don't know the ins and outs of YouTube. I am not a professional nor an expert. This is simply my...
  13. Solid

    This isnt even my final form!

    So I've just launched my channel this week and I've found it harder than I'd expected to get views, subs and comments and if your anything like me your channels the same? Well I'm using that, as a driving force, as inspiration to improve the videos and spend more time editing the content and...
  14. Baylze

    TOP 5 REINHARDT PRO TIPS! | Overwatch Countdown

    Hello everyone, my name is Bailey, better known as Baylze! If you enjoyed the video, then a like & comment would be much appreciated! If you REALLY liked the video - then subscribe to the channel for more awesome Gaming content! :D ▼▼▼▼▼ SOCIAL STUFF! ▼▼▼▼▼ Facebook | Afraid not. Instagram |...
  15. TeddieCakes

    Gaming A way to involve viewers and other channels to grow together - channel idea and collaboration

    How do you feel when you see popular YouTubers sharing their successes, while comparing yours or other smaller channels to them? With me, I feel there should be more effort in showcasing and inspiring our audience and viewers,directly, to take that first step towards what they want! Though, I...
  16. Baylze

    EVERYTHING You Need To Be a YouTube Gamer

    Hey guys, so I've seen and read through a whole lot of guides about how to get big on YouTube, how to manipulate the SEO system to funnel traffic your way, and things like that, but not one guide I've read on popular article outlets have been from the perspective of someone actually in the...
  17. Tomba

    Have a question about editing in Sony Vegas? Q&A [GURU]

    Hey! It's been really fun on this forum for the little while I've been here, people are being active like no other! So I decided to help each and everyone that have a question about my favorite video editing software. SONY VEGAS "The number one step to becoming a better YouTuber is making the...
  18. DisStalker

    Trollface Quest 4

    We are competing in the Troll Lympics! Enjoy:D
  19. G

    How to improve the formatting of this video style

    I want to make more videos along the lines of tutorials on how to do something within a game, for example, achievements or questlines. I know full that I can't be using bandicam because of the watermarking, but I do have other recording software in place now. Feel free to be fully honest with...
  20. Ciarra deBritto

    Making YouTube Banners

    Hey, guys! I know that YouTube banners can be a little tricky because the recommended resolution is odd and how YouTube formats them once uploaded can be a pain, but I figured I'd make a little thread to help explain/show the process more in hopes that it helps you! (To the Admins; sorry if I...
  21. Junr55

    Youtube's new guidelines

    So YouTube recently came out with their new community guidelines and they've been striking channels left and right. If they keep doing this, i'm pretty sure we can all expect to see this in the near future...
  22. Jbarker91

    How to Pick a YouTube Channel Idea

    How to pick a YouTube channel idea can be a very interesting topic for discussion. I’ve started several channels with varying topics or themes. Many people ask, “How did you come up with that idea?” or “What made you want to start posting videos related to that?”. Well, each one has it’s own...
  23. Vikkiv2

    Give away help

    Hi guys Just thought about my first giveaway video. I will do it later when I reach my first 100 subscriber. But I like to know how to make giveaway video like what conditions I may apply for people to enter the giveaway contest and how to choose a with from all who entered in the contest.
  24. BlockyLive

    My plan for being successful on YouTube

    Introduction Hi, My name is BlockyLive I'm a small YouTuber trying to make it on YouTube. I did some research on how to become successful on this platform. As every youtube knows it's hard to make it on YouTube so I want to tell you my plan on creating a successful youtube channel. I organized...
  25. LandofDucks

    Gaming 2nd Channel Review's Episode is up! Who wants to be next?

    Hey guys, So my 2nd Channel Review's video is up! We have Already made 6 people's channels so much better! If you want to have your channel reviewed and told what you can do better to improve your subscribers growth, make your channel more appealing, make your current subscribers more active...
  26. HeppyG

    Easily Ending a ''Small'' Youtuber's Youtube Career???

    Hey you guys, recently I have come across videos on Youtube where ''small'' Youtubers with a subscriber count along the range of 50k and below are easily having their videos flagged and removed due to haters/enemies made from doing-(Diss tracks/Parodies/footage of a reaction from another...
  27. LadyAiluro

    Overwatch Parody| HOW TO BE PRO | Parody Torbjorn Guide

  28. LadyAiluro

    Parody Torbjorn Guide

  29. Jawad Soomro


    Nightclub is cool character of MK9, I love his Tomahawk attack moves. Basically he can make up to 45% damage using all the 3 Energy Bars. In this tutorial Nightwolf will be beating Shao Kahn with longest combo. Strangle move can be used over choke if there is 1 more energy bar. I hope this...
  30. Dood76

    Overwatch: Soldier 76 - I've Got You In My Sights (Dood's Guide)

    Check out my new Overwatch guide on Soldier 76! Share it with your friends, thanks!