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How to pick a YouTube channel idea can be a very interesting topic for discussion. I’ve started several channels with varying topics or themes. Many people ask, “How did you come up with that idea?” or “What made you want to start posting videos related to that?”. Well, each one has it’s own reasoning or logic which I would like to share with you here in order to provide some insight for when you decide to create your own channel.

A Marketing or Content Medium

I’m going to skip over the first channel I created because I feel that content creation process is better suited for the end of this section. The second channel I created was “Eternity Athletics“. This channel ultimately was born out of a need. In October of 2013 I created the company Eternity Athletics which was originally designed to provide a retail outlet for supplements online with a consumer-oriented review system and supplement sample program to enhance the shopping experience of the consumer. I had gone to many expos to discover emerging supplement brands and found out quickly that I would need a way to share these with the community and portray what I had found in a meaningful way.


This is how the YouTube channel Eternity Athletics was born. I started producing “How To” videos for exercises and DIY videos for making your own exercise equipment. At the time of writing this I’ve let the channel sit dormant for a while due to many reasons, however this is one thing to take into consideration when deciding what them or topic your channel should have.

When it comes time to pick a YouTube channel idea, take a look at what needs you have or those around you have, and try to provide quality content that will add value to your life and the lives of those around you and, if possible, solve a problem that people will look to you for a solution.

Memories and Life Experiences

The third channel I created was “Lift Laugh Love“. This channel is one that my wife and I began in June of 2015 after we got back from our Honeymoon to Ensenada, Mexico on the Carnival Imagination cruise ship. We both have a passion for fitness (Lift) and wanted to share fun experiences (Laugh) that we have together and with our family (Love), so we put everything in order to have a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, etc.


We had an incredible experience and we wanted to document it to remember forever. I had dabbled in video editing and photo montages prior to this so we put together a fun little video and wanted to share it with family. I figured the easiest way to send it was to upload it to YouTube and share the link. As time went on we found ourselves busy and the channel laid dormant for about a year after the first three videos or so.

In June 2016 we picked back up after our anniversary trip to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexicowhere we enjoyed parasailing, ATV tours, and much more. Since then we have been much more consistent in uploading videos about our lives and experiences that we want to share with our families and friends.

Ultimately we want to show the world how much fun can be had and how much good there is in the world even though there is so much bad going on around us. We don’t need to resort to addictive vices to achieve the laughable and fun-filled moments that media portrays. Our passion for life is what truly drives this channel.

When you want to pick a YouTube channel idea, take into consideration your life and things you are passionate about. If you have a garden in your backyard and are learning how being self-sufficient enriches your life consider making that part of your channel. Remember you can have playlists that focus on different areas of your life, etc.

Trends and Personal Interests

The number of makeup and beauty channels that you can find on YouTube is astounding. Millions of hours are spent watching people as they introduce products and preferences when it comes to a lifestyle. Our third channel is one that I’m proud to say is Natalee’s little project, “Beauty By Barker“, and can I mention how proud I am that she’s doing this?! She has a deep passion for makeup, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion that she wants to share with others.

We’ve received comments on our Lift Laugh Love channel about how cute her hair is, or how adorable her personality is so all things considered we decided to move forward with Beauty By Barker. Her first video is scheduled to be uploaded in September of 2016. My little “passion channel” is “Skourne Gaming” in case you’re wondering what I do (obviously not makeup and hair!).

For you to pick a YouTube channel idea, no matter what it may be, it HAS to be something you are passionate about. If You start making videos that you truly have no passion for, then your audience will sense that and you will not achieve the same level of success as if you chose something you love. Think deep and consider your daily actions and free-time activities as well as looking online for ideas on things you could eventually become passionate about.

Just for Fun

Okay, so sometimes you might feel like doing things just for the heck of it. Well, that is where my first channel came from. “John Barker” may not be a very searchable channel on YouTube due to the saturation of results when typing that in, but I don’t need it to be either. I post things there from Riding the PHX Sky Train to Drone Flights in the PHX Convention Center. If you have a channel that you can post literally anything you can set your mind to, then do that. Just make sure you have fun.


All of the above are personal stories of how our channels were created and the thought that went into them when we wanted to pick a YouTube channel idea. Whether you’re getting into YouTube to make money or just to have fun sharing quality content you create, make sure you take the following into consideration:

  • A need for marketing or other content-sharing medium
  • Remembering memories and life experiences
  • Trends and personal interests
  • Just have fun!
By no means is this list exhaustive, but as you come up with more please feel free to send me an email as I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

'YouTube Essentials' guide written by John Barker, hosted on Lift Laugh Love website.
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