Hey, fellow Youtubers!

My name is Sebastian and I decided to make gaming guides. I've graduated from University (European Law studies), learned English and Japanese and looking for a job currently. Ain't easy, lemme tell ya... It's hard. Figured I should put my 20 years of gaming experience (many hard games completed, like 100% trophies in Ninja Gaiden series - one of the hardest series ever) to good use and make a Youtube channel. Helps me keep sanity, to be frank ^-^ Furthermore, it's really inspiring to be able to help someone, even 1 person.

I'd love some suggestions and feedback on my Youtube channel. Trying to make my guides as detailed as possible. Been hearing, I should focus more on "thumbnails complexity" (or rather lack thereof). I believe text and in-game OST (or music in general) would suit trophy guides more (instead of commentary), but some people say Youtube channels w/o the real voice are doomed to failure. Perhaps... What do you guys think?

I started my multilingual (English, Polish, Japanese) channel just before 2019 (last day of December) and got 88 subs and around 20K views in total (~7 months). My most popular video has around 2800 views. I feel it's very hard to compete with big channels - they have subs, thus automatic views and ultimately, SEO.

Any opinions would be very much appreciated! Thanks! I mean really. Glad this site exists ^0^

I ask for an overall "channel review" (idea of text commentary only, multilingualism value on Youtube, guide/"how to" value, thumbnails style). Thank you in advance!

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyqAyV ... QLsxDej5nw
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