Thoughts on my newest video?

Oscar J Stones

I've Got It
I was wondering if somebody could take a look at my most recent video and tell me what you think about it? Does my intro work well enough? Is the pacing okay? Is the editing competent? Any and all feedback's much appreciated, thanks in advance!
I liked it. and the reactionary one.

I wasn't so keen on the short films though. Acting was pretty bad.

I would like to see more stuff like that though, when the narrator talks to you and you are the person you are mocking. I liked it made me laugh.


Good luck.
Thanks man! I'm trying to start making them weekly; the short films are just something i do with some friends, they really are terrible; i think i'm gonna put those on another channel if i make anymore, and keep this one just for the "so you wanna..." ones. Thanks again for the feedback, it's always a big help
Don't be discouraged though, we all suck to start with, its meant to be that way. I guess you just need to find what your particular strength is, like Spielberg probably isn't a great actor but he can direct them. Then find people to fill your gaps. That's what its all about. Anyway. Look forwards to the videos.
Hey I really liked the video the editing and pacing was good and it was actually really funny! It didn't outstay its welcome either so well done!

Honestly the only thing I can think of to improve on would maybe be your lighting but overall keep it up! We've subbed =]
Hello Oscar J Stones! I really like the video. It actually had a lot of useful advice and it was funny to boot! If I had any criticism it would be to edit it even further. Cut out every slow spot or when the narrator said "Lets go" it felt like it was dragging. Lighting was a little dark, but I too have trouble with that myself. Light Gods Be Damned! Anywho, I really like what you have. You've got a unique sense of humor and look which is great for setting yourself apart on YouTube. Keep up the good work!