How to Make A Good Gaming Montage

I'm dropping my first channel highlights montage on Wednesday and I was really struggling during the production of it. Since a lot of clips are involved it took a while to shuffle and reshuffle them to put in the suitable places. During the production I realized that the change of pace and sound as well as the difference of games played a major role in creating the final video.

To save you guys from taking the same amount of excruciating time that it took me to finish making the video, here are some tips and advice that you can apply to creating your own gaming montage.

1. Pace
When it comes to a gaming montage with multiple video games featured, you must take note of the pace. Each game is unique and your commentary throughout will also be different so you don't want any major stops or sudden change of pace unless it is for comedic effect. I would choose to separate clips by their games at first and then going though each moment (won't take long) and finally sequencing them to have a good similar or gradual growth in pace throughout.

2. Sound
Probably one of the biggest problems for me was sound as the sound and pitch of the clips vary so much in video games. What you want to make sure is that the sound of the clips are also leveled out so that the video doesn't end up sounding like a walking through busiest street in New York. Keep the viewer engaged by effectively using sound, use clean cuts when needed.

3. Games
Although the montage that I have made consists of a large variety of games, hence the name of my channel: MylesUnlimited. My main focus is my commentary but if your is not you want to make sure that the games in the montage are all similar or of the same genre. This way you can really hook your target audience with their favorite video games and your impressive video production!

Now you are on your way to making a good gaming montage!
I hope this was helpful for you guys!
good tut man! No offense meant but here's my way of making a gaming montage:

Record random footage from your games.
Cut them into random incoherent clips.
Mix Em Up.
Put in a crazy dub-step (or rock)
Make sure you put sounds of random people screaming to your kills(head shots)
swear every time you lose, and i do mean every time.
Make sure you use a crappy mic.
Have braces on.
say random stuff totally unrelated to your video (like that one time where you friend put a whole peanut jar up his nose)
tell people to subscribe to you.
Best montage ever

That's how most gaming channels are today which sucks!