1. FrankenPixelGaming

    Subscriber Goals

    Okay, so obviously there are a lot of variables when it comes to getting subscribers/views. Branding, marketing, etc. are all important and to a certain degree luck is as well. But what about giving your viewers a reward for when you reach a certain number of subscribers/views. We've all heard...
  2. AaliyahF

    How to reach the goal

    (Post edited by staff) How to grow?
  3. CoreyPlays

    Road to 50 complete now road to 100

    It makes me so happy to have finally made it to 50 subscribers. I hope everyone reaches there goal!!!
  4. tedswrong

    200+ subscribers and over 5000 views on a video

  5. J

    500 subs!!

    I just hit 500 subs! Was a long journey, trying to find my real chanel goals and figure out where i wanted to go with my whole channel! Gained 200 subs in the last month so it's good to see my channel growing! I hope together we can hit 1000 before the end of this year! But i'm so proud to have...
  6. Jack Swish

    40 subs!!

    I am so pleased seeing my channel growing in the last 3 weeks managing to grow to 40 subscribers!!! I'm so happy people are liking my content and want to see more! I know the next 10 will be very hard! If anyone has any advice or tips to help me please let me know :)
  7. TreesandTravels

    Reached my First Goals!

    I reached my first goals--100 subs and 1,000 views--last week and I'm very excited! Got my custom URL now and everything. My new goal is 250 subs. I'm still keeping my goal small, but I think I can get there eventually!
  8. Jack Swish

    3,000 total video views!

    I'm so pleased to move onto the next milestone :D Got to keep going now! Started posting every week so I hope that I can get up to 5,000 by the end of the year- wish me luck! If you have any tips or feedback on my content or channel I would love to hear it. Thank you!
  9. kingofgaijin

    Advice on my channel!!

    I recently started this channel about my life in Japan and im wondering what i can do to improve in general. Not afraid of some criticism. My Channel: KingOfGaijin https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yYK8_DfzFf16pywi7XTUA
  10. J.WEST


    The other day I broke 50 subs and 18,000 views. I was pretty excited to see that my hard work is paying off! I have been making videos here and there for the past year but the past few weeks I have been trying to upload a video every week! Hopefully putting out more content on a regular basis...
  11. Megan Byrne

    50 subs!!

    I've just hit my goal of 50 subs and i'm so excited! Next goal 100 by 2017! What are your goals by the new year?
  12. The_Man_XX

    Finally hit 50,000 views!!

    I'm really happy about this,have been at it for more than a year and i've finally hit 50,000 total views.:) Thank you to everyone who watched my videos and i hope to have 100,000 views soon. :woohoo!:
  13. Branden Morales

    100 SUBS!

    This sorta of crept up on me the other day! Been trying to do a vid for it! Slowly uploading right now. I want to thank everybody on Yttalk for helping me with my channel! I wish the best of luck for all your channels as well! Let's keep climbing guys! :D
  14. chillion

    How long did it take for you to achieve your YT goal?

    We all have/had our first youtube goal, whether it be getting 100 views on 1 video, or 1,000 total views, or even a certain amount of subscribers. What was your first youtube goal and how long did you take to achieve it? Days? Months? Maybe years?! If you haven't achieved your goal yet, what is...
  15. Razz_

    Where do you see you&your channel in a Year?

    just courious to see what this community thinks. Of course we would all love to be at 100k - 1mil subs (;_;) But that might not happen for all of us realistically where do you guys see yourselves at on August 30th 2017 YouTube channel sub count, view count, or even how many videos you want to...
  16. 1bgdeal

    200 Subs and 50000 Views!

    9 months ago I posted my first serious video (ARK Video) and this 4th of July I hit 200 subs and 50000 views. I know its not a fast growth, but it's slow and steady and I am happy with that! My goal now is to hit 1000 Subs by July 4th 2017 which I think is doable and I might possibly hit it...
  17. Tevan

    REACHED 15,000 SUBS and 22+million subs on 7/5/2016

    I'm so happy to share that I have finally reached my goal of 15k subs and 22+million overall views! My channel has been growing for the past 6 years and now I'm now starting to mark down all my goals! Next I want to reach up to 15,500!
  18. Kevin and Jamie

    So I hit my view count goal...

    I was checking out the details on my forum profile page. And I guess when I signed up I had put my view count goal as 20,000 when I only had around 6,000. I now have almost 21,000 views! :) Next goal 50k? Growth is slow, but surely coming! It's nice to see people appreciate the amount of hard...
  19. MistyEmma

    Just Reached 150 SUBSCRIBERS!

    Thank you for 150 subscribers on YouTube! I wasn't sure if I'd get this far, but hopefully this is just the beginning ^^. My next short term goal is 250 subscribers. A long term one...I'd like to reach 1000 subscribers at one point :p
  20. MistyEmma

    What are your YouTube goals for 2016?

    What are you aiming to achieve on YouTube this year? Do you have a subscriber/view goal? My end of year goal is 250 subscribers (I need about 100 more) :). I'm also aiming to keep uploads regular, because that's always been a big help when it comes to YouTube growth.
  21. JJisawesome

    Finally after a Year LOL i reached my goal

    I Recently hit 50 Subscribers on my Youtube channel and it is such a pleasure and surprise to see people interested enough to like my content. After hitting a few rough spots over the year I am glad to say I have persevered and haven't quit like everybody was telling me too.
  22. FernandoMask

    What is your Youtube goal?

    What is the thing that you most want to do or achieve on youtube?
  23. Challenge this

    3,000 Subscribers!

    Wow we just hit 3k subscribers. well I have to say that this is such an amazing milestone for us and we couldn't have done it without a lot of you! Heres to continuing the growth of our channel and we hope you all achieve your goals. Lets keep grinding guys!!
  24. MechMaster

    My goal is 100, but at this point I'd be happy with 40.

    Yeah we're really close to 40 my dudes. I'm kinda surprised how much the channel has grown since december of last year. We get like, 30-70 views per video now, it's pretty lit for 37 subscribers I think, but if you do check out the channel, thanks.
  25. Christoverse

    Be as brutally honest as you'd like!

    Hey everyone, Christoverse here. I've been posting/slowly narrowing down my channel content for the last 5 months, and I wanted to get some feedback on its current state. At the moment, I'm at 212 subs/10K views and would love any input that could help me grow as well as improve my channel...
  26. Harmonic Music

    Name suggestions?

    Hey! I have a Music promotion channel where I upload House & Edm (especially tropical and deep house) With permission from the artists. The name of the channel right now is "Harmonic Music", but I have only had the channel for one and a half week and don`t know if I will continue With the same...
  27. Dachi

    4000 Views Wohoo!

    Some get this in an hour but nvm :3 So close to 5k now <3
  28. Harmonic Music

    Music Any Musicians/Producers Want Promotion?

    Hey! On Our channel, we upload one song every day for promotion of relatively unknown Music producers. We mostly upload House & Edm, such as Deep House, Tropical House, Progressive House, Electro House and Melodic House, but all genres are welcome (If it sounds good, it will be accepted). If...
  29. Jenni Nexus

    Milestones :-)

    Hi friends - just thought I'd chime in with some milestones I'm kinda proud of: Broke 3800 subs on my main channel recently - woo hoo! Broke 200 subs on my fashion-based DIYwithJenni channel Got my audio setup configured to accommodate voice acting.. made a new Playlist: Voice Acting ★ Jenni...
  30. MitchProVideos

    40 Subscribers

    This is an awesome achievement. Seems like my channel is gaining views by the hundreds! My video Four Wheeler Fun seems to have been ranked as number one when you search Four Wheeler Run. I think this alone is helping reach me goals. Thanks for reading and Have a nice day! My channel is called...