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So I hit my view count goal...

I was checking out the details on my forum profile page. And I guess when I signed up I had put my view count goal as 20,000 when I only had around 6,000.

I now have almost 21,000 views! :) Next goal 50k?

Growth is slow, but surely coming! It's nice to see people appreciate the amount of hard work put into each of my videos.

How's growth for you guys?
Congrats, I can tell you deserve the views. Nice quality videos produced.

My views growth is ok I guess, but my new subscribers are nearly stagnant.
well done guys. always good to hit that initial goal

i have been very pleasently suprised by my growth, been on youtube 8 months and managed to get 100k views last month. but to be fair, i put out a huge amount of content :)