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Finally after a Year LOL i reached my goal


I Recently hit 50 Subscribers on my Youtube channel and it is such a pleasure and surprise to see people interested enough to like my content. After hitting a few rough spots over the year I am glad to say I have persevered and haven't quit like everybody was telling me too.
Thanks :)
Oh really how do you fix that ?

Well my next short term goal is to get to 100 subscribers and well my long term goal is to be able to be n the YouTube rewind video :)
Do you have any long/short term goals
Try using your channel ID instead of your username I guess.

A realistic goal will be 817 subscribers by the end of the year ((181 * 2) + 455), but it would be great if I could reach 1000 short term.

Long term is just to improve my overall quality and get a steady subscriber increase. I hate seeing 0 subscribers some days and 8 the next.
Ok thanks.
And I understand the Steady Subscriber increase, when you gain more subscribers its feels like you have improved but when the numbers stagnate you sometimes start to wonder what you are doing wrong