How long did it take for you to achieve your YT goal?


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We all have/had our first youtube goal, whether it be getting 100 views on 1 video, or 1,000 total views, or even a certain amount of subscribers.
What was your first youtube goal and how long did you take to achieve it? Days? Months? Maybe years?!
If you haven't achieved your goal yet, what is it now?
Mine is to reach 100 subscribers by the end of this year ^_^
Well I never had a said goal... but for now I am setting up my goal of 1k subs then 10k :D
For now it took me around 8 months to get to 150 subs
My first goal was to reach 50 subscribers by the end of August. Now it's to reach 100 before my birthday (29th of September)

But ultimately, numbers are cool but my most important goal is to upload consistently for a year and see where that takes me!
Most and foremost, keep my viewers happy. That's a never ending goal. My goal is to launch my own television studio, which is my next goal.
1k subs is my goal :) hit 100 in 3 weeks but only gained another 20 in 3 more weeks so im hoping for 1k by may next year :)!