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This is an awesome achievement. Seems like my channel is gaining views by the hundreds! My video Four Wheeler Fun seems to have been ranked as number one when you search Four Wheeler Run. I think this alone is helping reach me goals. Thanks for reading and Have a nice day!
My channel is called: MitchProVideos

My channel just hit 40 subscribers about a few hours ago (8). My big goal that I made when I started my channel was 100 subscribers. I am slowly walking through these milestones to my goal of one hundred subscribers. Sadly my channels subscriber count has been slowly declining and I am not gaining as much as I used to in a certain amount of time. Have a nice day and thank you for reading.
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Congratulations on 40 subs dude. Even if the times seem dark and dreary, keep on going. You'll make that sub mark soon enough. Best of luck :)
The first hundred subscribers is the hardest but from there things will barrel, so congratulations you're almost halfway there :D
Congrats!! If you want a tip, I watched your main channel video and there is a lot of space around you. Maybe, next time try to be more in the middle, with less space above your head, so people can more/better focus on you :)