1. MitchProVideos

    Need some advice for my new YouTube website

    So I made a website for my YouTube channel. The website url is MITCHPROVIDEOS dot COM . I wanted to make this website to help make me more professional. I am posting this because I need some advice to make it more professional.
  2. MitchProVideos

    I hit 100 subs and 3,000 total views!

    My goal was to hit 100 subs in 12 months but I ended up hitting it in 5 months! Thank you everyone! Also this site helped a lot!
  3. MitchProVideos

    40 Subscribers

    This is an awesome achievement. Seems like my channel is gaining views by the hundreds! My video Four Wheeler Fun seems to have been ranked as number one when you search Four Wheeler Run. I think this alone is helping reach me goals. Thanks for reading and Have a nice day! My channel is called...
  4. MitchProVideos

    WTF!!! 300 Total views!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is absolutely incredible!! Just three days ago I was at 200 total views! I cant begein to thank everyone for all the support and help I've received! Please consider checking out my channel and giving me feed back and some video Ideas. Channel name : MitchProVideos