How to reach the goal

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This forum can help /forums/youtube-tips-tutorials-help-guides.91/
And probably this too /threads/getting-started-a-tip-guide-on-starting-a-youtube-channel.230686
The best advice that I can give is to make videos related to trending topics. Make response/critic videos on popular trends. Write attractive titles that can attract anyone to watch your video. Thumbnails, Tags and Description should be done properly. If your videos ranks higher, you will get more subs. Make more similar trend videos and more subs will rain on your channel.
OK so for the moment I have 87 subscribers and I am really hoping to get to 100 subs by the end of this year, it would be a lovely present from the community for the start of the new year.
Therefore I would like some advice on how to reach that goal so yeah

Aaliyaaah. I think you should focus more on views and viewtime. Cuz Youtube changed his algorithm. The way to grow is not about how many subs you have, but more about viewtime and engagement. But I know 100 subs is a lovely number to look at, I get it. I want it tooooo! hahaha.
Just keep uploading and creating good content the subs will come in time. I have 91 subs and i'd like 100 by the new year as well I'm just grinding away, doing vlogmas, and giving viewers what they want. Just Keep Uploading and youll get to be where you want to be at.
Hi @AaliyahF

This question gets asked (and answered) a lot. There are literally hundreds of threads here on how to grow a channel. We don't need another one. I would suggest you check out the threads in these sections:

Strategy and technique:
Channel reviews and feeback (the only place they're allowed):

Good luck :)
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