1. J


    Hey Guys I have a youtube channel about computer softwares, my fans told me to make a video about "how to download tiktok videos". My question is : Is legally to make a video about how to download tiktok videos ??? I feel that youtube will give ma a strike Thank u
  2. LandyVlad

    Copyright stats (source: YouTube)

    Directly quoted from the YT website: Over the past five years, we've paid out over $2 billion to partners who have chosen to monetise their claims using Content ID. There are 9,000+ partners using Content ID, including many major network broadcasters, movie studios and record labels...
  3. J

    Two Channels relation

    Lets suppose that i have 2 channels associated with the same google accounts. and Lets assume that One of the channels shut down due to some violations, does this effect the other channel ?
  4. tinydog

    Software/tool to detect music and dub over it or mute it? (music detection)

    Greetings. Does anyone know of a way to automatically detect when music (not speech or other sounds) is playing from a particular audio source, and either dub over it with different audio or simply mute it? Basically, I'm looking for a music detection tool. Example: I'm streaming a NASA launch...
  5. Z

    Strike, Copyrighted, Using some Content for others for Roster Video

    Hi Guys, I have seen many Indian guys using some clips and making rosters of others... sometime even they use songs clips... I never think that would even have a permissions from them owners... So what is exactly Strike and copyrightes and how it apply, how to deal with fake...
  6. Ulysses90

    What does it mean ?

    What does it mean when there are many channels posting the same videos you post, but you are the ONLY one that gets strike and deleted videos, but the other channels still have those videos running ? Don't tell me they have permission, I'm sure 100% they don't.
  7. S

    Celebrity Images

    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum. My question is, if I wanna make a top 10 video for example "Top 10 most beautiful actresses" can I use images that I find on google and other sites? Like images taken from paparazzi or events such as red carpet. I will want to monetize this content. Thank you.
  8. K

    How youtube allow these channels to use copyright images and video

    Hi all :) i new to youtube and like to start new channel and monetize it. i am concerning about the fair usage of copyright material, My channel will be History documentary based so it gonna use lots of copyright images. I saw various youtube channels on what ads are running but they are...
  9. R

    Uploading DJ Mixes to YouTube

    Hey, I'd like to ask if anyone knows if uploading a DJ mix to YouTube is possible without it getting taken down due to copyright strikes. I know that uploading original tracks by certain artists is possible because royalties will just end up in the hands of the original artist and that's...
  10. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Appeal Community Guideline Strikes On YouTube - Remove Community Strikes

    How To Appeal Community Guideline Strike On YouTube 2018 // Remove Community Guideline Strikes or appeal community strikes on your YouTube Channel. You may have been incorrectly flagged for a community strike and had some feature removed. You will need to file a Community Strike Appeal to have...
  11. R

    3 Strikes channel shut down. Help.

    I had a channel with 7k subs. i received 2 strikes, one of the was supposed expire in october 26... the 2nd strike in november.. those 2 strikes were due to anime, given by a japanese company CODA.. But 2 weeks before the 1st strike was going to expire, i received a 3rd strike. I make reaction...
  12. R

    Received a 3rd Copyright Strike on My Channel

    Hi, 2 of my previous videos were copyright striked due to anime footage I used, which a Japanese company Didn't want. So that's fine, one of the strikes were due to expire in 2 days anyway. The real problem is the 3rd strike. A youtuber by the username Suzy lu, copyright striked my video titled...
  13. Theresa Khalil

    YouTube removed my video!!!

    I posted a normal video about how to organize your bag for traveling to my channel " Fokaira", before even the video make any views I received an email from YouTube telling me that the video was removed because someone reported that it was violating the YouTube community guide and that they...
  14. F

    Is making a sonv about YT rules bad?

    Well after I ate lunch I got a strike. Good tjing is they expire in Jan. Should I make a bunch of diss freestyles about the YT rules & people who remove videos? Is it also against the rules to print out the strike email and either say "This is what I tjink about your rules!" And set it on fire...
  15. Starfox

    Advise needed regarding Strike/Video take down

    Hi guys, I run a Youtube channel with just under 60k subs and I use it as a platform to upload my DJ mixes. I get permission from the majority of labels/artists and I even have agreements and promo deals with some labels. Yesterday I logged on to find out that I had one of my most successful...
  16. NoorMurad

    Banned for doing a giveaway?

    Over a year ago, back when I had my old channel, I decided to do a giveaway for what I can remember was a Minecraft account. A few days after I uploaded the giveaway video, the video got deleted and I received a community guidelines strike. I was really confused as youtubers do giveaways all the...
  17. R

    My Account was flagged and disabled.

    Hi, my channel name is ReactioNation. I need HELP because a troll flagged my channel, which disabled my main private channel that I use to log in through. I log in through the main private channel first, and from there i switch accounts into the one where I UPLOAD videos. They both use the same...
  18. LytaneVS

    Copyright strike and takedown, My Story

    I have a YouTube channel and on it I like to do some reviews on shows, games and movies and as such I get hit with copyright all of the time. As I am doing a critique I am covered under Fair Use, I edit the footage and I rarely use sound from them, I just use the visuals to show what I am...
  19. Alexander Nedelchev

    People make videos with fame songs and don't get striked and even get money?

    Hello, friends! I just thought of that and didn't found the answer. I saw channels with Top 10 videos, for an example: "Top 10 Songs In 2017" How does they do that? Isn't that breaking the copyright rules. Even if the video isn't striked and shutted down.. how do they monetize it when they don't...
  20. The NotARubicon!

    Difference Between a "Claim" and a "Strike" ?

    I have received many 'claims', several which I owned licenses for the content (music) and successfully appealed and a few that I just lived with the "cannot monetize video". The email messages from Youtube about these claims are very friendly with words like "Dont worry, your account is not in...
  21. Spook

    CSGO - Funny Moments - The Goof Troop

    Funny Moments Featuring Ranked CS:GO Players In Their Natural Habitat (SILVER BRACKET) WAKE ME UP INSIDE FT. GOOFY. Hey guys, I'm starting a new series of CS:GO funny moments and would appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks for your time! - Spook (Yellow)
  22. Spook


    What's up, i'm posting to see how many of you goofy goobers would want to be featured in my CS:GO FUNNY MOMENT VIDEOS! My plan is to upload a new video every single week, but more content = more releases! TO SEE IF WE WOULD MESH AND TO WATCH EXAMPLE OF MY STYLE PLEASE CHECK MY MOST RECENT...
  23. Johnfromengland

    Who is in the wrong here - please help - NEW creator.

    It would be easier to post this "transcript" but i can post link to video if requested/allowed. START OF TRANSCRIPT. HELLO , YOU-TUBE. John from England here. I just wanted to make a real quick video about YouTube and How despite only having a account that started uploading this year. They...
  24. Scandinavian Freckles

    photo of famous person?

    Hi everyone !! I have a question. I was wondering if I would get a copyright strike/claim if I use a picture of an actor from a movie? I am going to be using the picture of macaulay culkin from the home alone movies in my thumbnail and I really don't want to get in trouble. So if anyone has...
  25. TechBud

    Did you ever get a STRIKE on a YouTube video?

    hey YTtalk family, I started a YouTube Channel couple days, and after uploading my third video to the channel, few minutes later I received a notice with a strike for "having inappropriate content". I download tech videos and tutorials.... so obliviously that wasn't the case. I appealed the...
  26. Maarij Bashir

    Can I use copyright material without a strike?

    Is there a way to do that because I've seen some youtubers use copyrighted stuff.
  27. Thulium

    Fighting a false copyright claim on my video, mission impossible..?!

    Hello, I've got a false copyright claim from a company named SC Brand Tube on one of my videos, where I used music purchased from the leading royalty free music web site The music is Beethoven Symphony No. 7 performed by Wilfred Symphony Orchestra. I disputed the claim...
  28. Scandinavian Freckles

    Permission to be in video

    Hi everyone !! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I have a bit of a question that I need help with. I was wondering, when you feature other people in your video, let's say a friend or a family member, you obviously ask them if they are ok with being in your video, but what if after the...
  29. P K Saha

    Monetization Has Been Disabled with $1280!

    Hello Friends, My channel has 360 videos. A few days ago, I got a copyright strike for 3 months. As far I know YouTube disable channel after 3 or more strikes. But they disabled my channel monetization. In the meantime, I need to say that I have made private all the videos in my channel so...
  30. Starfox

    Copyright info needed

    1.If I mute a song in a dj mix can a label owner of that song still put a strike on my channel for featuring it? or is it possible to even mute a song like that? 2. If a label owner emailed me telling me i can use their music provided i dont monetise and i abide by those rules and later that...