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Hi guys,

I run a Youtube channel with just under 60k subs and I use it as a platform to upload my DJ mixes. I get permission from the majority of labels/artists and I even have agreements and promo deals with some labels. Yesterday I logged on to find out that I had one of my most successful mixes (2 million views) taken down with a strike applied to my channel. I found it random because the video in question is over 5 years old and the label itself has been very quiet the last few years with almost no releases.

I reached out to the label owners (who now seem to not be running The Clubbers) and they said "Good evening. Please send your requests to: or The Clubbers is being managed by other people because the old company has closed"

After this I took their advise and emailed the new management that replied with what I can only call ransom.. Its pretty petty and to be honest they are behaving like gangsters..

"Dear mister Shane
The utilization of the music inside compilation or video compilation must be authorized by the rights owners
We have over 7000 illegal videos to check and we found yours in these days.
Seems you are not in our promo list as well.
We can allow u to continue to use your video by signing a regular license. You can obtain a strike retirement and have your channel restored.
Price of the license is
1000,00 euro for the master recording
1000,00 euros for the publishing
If you prefer you can use PayPal
We can then immediately find a friendly and fast solution of the controversy.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Il giorno 06 ott 2017, alle ore 23:15," I can upload screenshots later I'm just having trouble on my phone..


First off asking for €1000 is a bit ridiculous as nobody in this scene would make anything close to that even with a few album releases, on average we just don't make any money in this business unless you are successful with mainstream EDM which I am not involved with.

Obviously I would like the strike retracted and at the very best the video reinstated.. I know that no matter how bad these guys are behaving the audio in question is still owned by the artist/label but surely the blackmailing is out of bounds? Do I have anything to go on here?

Channel name is Musicshanecollins

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Being a music label, they can charge whatever they wish to for sync and mechanical license if they are not registered with a Performing Rights Organization. I believe PROs have standardized licensing fees which all members must adhere to and accept when their royalty rights are managed by same.

I once asked Universal Studios to allow me to license the first four minutes of the closing credits music of a popular film (not even the whole musical sequence). I was quoted a single project fee of $5200.00.

By comparison, you are being quoted a much cheaper price.

My advice to you is this: If you wish the strike removed, then pay the licensing fee. Or wait for it to expire and make sure you never use this label's music in your videos in future. DJ Licensing is a form of Live Performance Licensing, and doesn't apply to the internet broadcast video genre. So if you are a performing DJ who is trying to apply a DJ License to YouTube video publication, you are making a mistake which could cost you your channel in the end.
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That's a reasonably good price for using the entirety of a song. Content ID generally prevents the need for takedowns but with mixes content owners can get a couple cents per thousand views because the revenue is divided.