1. TheUltimateVertex

    Is this entertaining?

    IF you do enjoy this type of content then go ahead and subscribe!
  2. LuminousLive


    Hello there , my name is anthony and i want to record a video with YOU! first of all lets get right into the requirements -100 subscribers or more (can make exceptions) -good microphone -extrovert -outgoing personality -professinal channel branding PLEASE READ THE REST IF YOU WANT TO KNOW...
  3. Uraflight

    Copyright owner changed their mind

    The owner of the video approach another youtube user and kindly ask to remove the video which was uploaded by them illegally without permission. Then the illegal uploader ask for permission to use the video on his or her channel. The copyright owner agreed with that only if illegal uploader...
  4. Zsines

    Gaming Counter Strike Global Offensive Collab

    Hello I'm looking for people to collab with. I want to find a team to play often together and make videos. I make funny & epic videos. If you want to see what kind of videos check out my channel :) Should be in my age (+ - 19) Rank doesn't matter You can add me on steam zsines1 peace
  5. I

    Copyright strike by youtube user for an "idea"

    He reported me to youtube for stealing videos. But i make all my videos, thumbnails, descriptions. I make gameplay videos on video games, this guy too. I asked why he reported me for stealing videos because it's wrong. He said this: "Copy someone else's idea is consider as stealing." I have a...
  6. M

    Strike by Vydia.

    Hello, A week ago i got a message in my inbox. My video was claimed by a music network called Vydia. So when i was reading the message i was like laughing it was just stupid. My two year old video got striked. But the network has no prove of it that its their music. There was not even a link to...
  7. DZaw

    Removing a song

    If I remove the song does the copyright strike get removed as well?
  8. T

    Suspect of false copyright claims

    Hello everyone! I keep getting manual copyright claims on one of my youtube channels on videos that are getting viral from a claimant called "Network Videos" . I can't see what minutes from the video is claiming copyright. And they are making money from my videos. I don't own the copyright for...
  9. Gamergasm

    Copyright Strike

    Hi there, I’ve recently just celebrated my 1 year channel anniversary. I put up a video that had some old old old video am talking videos from like 5 years ago that never made it to YouTube they’ve just sat in hard drive for so long , I put on in the video which includes me and an old friend...