Did you ever get a STRIKE on a YouTube video?


hey YTtalk family,

I started a YouTube Channel couple days, and after uploading my third video to the channel, few minutes later I received a notice with a strike for "having inappropriate content". I download tech videos and tutorials.... so obliviously that wasn't the case. I appealed the decision and now im waiting for the response from YouTube.

Did any of you YTtalk family had same experience before?

Hi there :) !!
Did you say something in the video maybe? There are some new rules that are pretty strict when it comes to language in videos so it might be that.
I hope it gets solved, did it effect your channels standing?
Hey there!

no not really, hopefully it will be solved soon, and they said if i get another strike it will effect my channel, but im still waiting for the appeal decision and hopeful it was just a mistake from youtube.
Personally I've had videos that got in-monetized because of copyrighted songs in them or content that shouldn't be in them like certain types of clothes or a belt or something but I don't know if I ever got a "strike" for that. I know that after 3 strikes your account gets shutdown though.
How do they even inform you if there's a strike? Just curious

They will send you a notification on your YouTube channel and put a note under your video on video manager.[DOUBLEPOST=1480647084,1480647027][/DOUBLEPOST]I just got their response right now.
It was a mistake. They informed me that I didn't break any guidelines rules and the video is back online and no strike on my acc :)[DOUBLEPOST=1480647151][/DOUBLEPOST]
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Sorry about that, I'm new here :)
@TechBud So am I!

The only two strikes I've ever gotten was one in 2015, when a rights management company refused a dispute on a copyright-claimed video whose soundtrack contained nature sounds obtained from a Virtual Studio Instrument. The company filed a DMCA Takedown which resulted in an immediate strike on my channel, and I sent an immediate counter-notice, which forced them to either file suit, or YouTube would have to release the video. They didn't file; the strike was removed and the video restored.

The second strike was much earlier; 2013, I believe. The BBC itself struck a Public Domain video from the NASA Archives I had uploaded to one of my channels, saying it was from a documentary they had broadcast on TV. A worldwide block was placed, and my account went into bad standing. I emailed the BBC's copyright department, asking the title of the documentary; along with its production schedule and broadcast dates. I was given a broadcast date of October, 2010. I asked them how could my video be from their production when my upload predated their broadcast by over 4 years? Upload date for mine was August, 2006.

With the BBC literally having no leg to stand on, an apology was emailed and the strike and worldwide block released.