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  1. 3kidstv

    Toy Train For Kids - Battery Powered Train

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  2. Kesler's Dad

    BBC to spend millions luring kids back from Netflix and YouTube

    Interesting upcoming push by the BBC. It wouldn't let me paste the URL so you'll have to Google the title to get to the Engadget article. Any thoughts on the impact this might have on kids channels on YouTube? I would think minimal to none since the market is so huge. In any case, more quality...
  3. Kesler's Dad

    3.5 Months - 100 Subscribers with Help from AdWords (Kid's Channel)

    Our turn to do a little boasting, even if it's rather misguided. I say that because after spending countless hours reading these forums after starting our channel, I realized that we'd have to use AdWords to kick start our channel, given how hyper saturated the kids channel vertical is. We...
  4. Derrick Toys

    Kids Channel - Derrick Toys Review!

    Https:// Hi, our family channel Derrick Toys is a fun hobby created a year ago turning into full time now that I have more free time with my current job. I'm trying to organically grow our channel without having to invest in adwords or other resources BUT it's been a...
  5. Kesler's Dad

    Some AdWords Questions & Feedback (Kids Channel)

    So I blasted off my first two AdWords campaigns yesterday and it's been a fun little experiment so far playing around with it. Seems like I've been getting a fair amount of extra views from it (ex. received about 550 total views according to analytics since I started the campaign and I've only...
  6. Derrick Toys

    How long does it take you to edit a video?

    Hi Tubers! Happy to say I started videos on my free time with a new job schedule and I would appreciate tips/advice on your editing routine. Is there shortcuts I could follow? I find that saving video links on notes is easy to copy and paste in descriptions along with default information for...
  7. Kidspartytv

    Suggestion For Children's Play Channels

    Hello friends. I am shooting the android game videos for kids. My impressions are too low. Do you have any suggestions? What should I do for the impression? Thanks for the answers
  8. Kesler's Dad

    Supercuts (Combining Smaller Videos into a Larger One) Advice Needed - Worth It?

    So I have a kid's channel and we have a bunch of similar 2-minute videos (Toddlers at a Table Drinking Milkshakes) that I'm considering consolidating into a few supercut videos of about 10-15 minutes in length. My question... Does YouTube frown on multiple videos with the same content? Are...
  9. Derrick Toys

    How to see what made a video successful?

    Hi all! I have 11 videos right now with one Chuckie Cheese vlog doing very well at 700k views. My other videos are average 3k to 700 views. How can I see what made this one video do so well (tags, keywords, etc.) I know analytics but not sure how to work it yet. What are your strategies to...
  10. avilsd

    What's your CPM? (Kid-friendly channels)

    For my personal channel (obviously it's adult content) here are my stats: Lifetime: Playback Based CPM - $4.16 and normal CPM $3.45 Past 28 days: Playbacked - $4.91 Normal - $4.03 And this is of course just using the analytics tool (which means it only counts monetized views), so by going off...
  11. Chewie's Video Club

    Adsense and Kids Channels

    Hey YTTalkers! I would love some insight into whether or not Adsense is worth it for kids-type channels. And if any of you have experienced this (what the Google Adsense Forum Expert says)...Here's the story... I posted in the Google Adsense Forum asking how-to stop or minimize inappropriate...
  12. CelyD87

    I'm I wasting time by replying to spam comments?

    I've heard replying to all comments is good to interact with your audience specially when your first starting. I've been doing YouTube for 4 months, at the beginning I would reply to all but now I get so many comments there isn't enough time in my day. Some comments go to the spam section. I'm I...
  13. Cooliits HR

    Relaunch a kids channel and focus on authority YT video

    Hi. I'm a newbie and this is my first post here on YTTalk. I'm a frequent visitor here and I've read so many thread and I've learned so many from them from different YTTalkers. Anyway here goes... We (with my 2 boys) started our Youtube channel around July last year. We patterned our channel...
  14. Derrick Toys

    Boosting Views / Angry Algo

    As I was warned views have dropped dramatically after not uploading consistently. One video has 10k views and recent are barely 20.. did algo get angry with me? I've been learning new techniques rather than uploading.. not a good idea. Can I get make it up uploading more and get back on the...
  15. CelyD87

    Editing software on A Kids Channel

    I recently started a kids youtube channel 4 months ago. I'm currently using windows movie maker which is very user friendly and has been good so far. However, I think I'm ready for an editor that offers a little more than the basic. I know iMovie is better but I don't own a Mac and adobe...
  16. Derrick Toys

    New Vlog Review & Thumbnail Help!!

    Would love suggestions how to improve. What do you think of thumbnail? Searching software for better thumbnails but can't seem to find anything comparable to photoshop. Looking for ways to improve uploads for higher ranking, any advice??
  17. Derrick Toys

    What schedule do you have to upload daily?

    How do YouTubers manage time wisely and what schedule works best for you to upload daily and still have a "normal life"? For example, I have a week footage for our new channel Kids Fun Reviews featuring my toddlers (which is a job in itself lol) and I would like an idea how youtubers spend on...
  18. Derrick Toys

    YouTubers Suggestions

    Hello would like suggestions on whether to start a new channel or rename current one with a URL already created. We have toy channels for my son and daughter and would a vlog channel with them both. I just found a channel I created a couple years ago that's been inactive and has a URL...
  19. CelyD87

    How's my intro???

    I have been debating on wether I should leave the intro as it is or change it up. What do you guys think? Here's a link to the video where I have the newest intro: The channel is about my 2 year olds Adventures and toys. Should I include his picture or is it fine how it is?
  20. Derrick Toys

    1400 Views Overnight!!

    Excited right now! Just saw 1400 more views since last night on our Chuck E Cheese video! Any way I can see what caused this so I can drive traffic to our other videos? I know this isn't much views for most channels but for our new channel with average 100 views per video .. this is exciting lol
  21. CelyD87

    400 subscribers!!! 3months in

    Super excited as channel grows! It's very nice to meet new friends along the way too
  22. Derrick Toys

    How To Write Titles?!

    How did you develop a technique with video titles using keywords and having a nice flow? Some popular videos have very little words and others are stacked with keywords.
  23. CelyD87

    Vertical iPhone video .. need help!

    Does anyone know how I can edit my vertical iPhone videos to show up full screen? Here's a link to the video so you can see what I'm talking about. Giant indoor playground for kids
  24. CelyD87

    Giant Indoor Playground for Kids | Billy Beez

    Giant indoor playground for kids
  25. CelyD87

    New KidsChannel!!!! Need Advise and Feedback

    Ok so I just started a kid's youtube channel 3 months ago called, "Jordans Adventures and Toys" so far I think its going Ok, I dont know what to compare it to. I appreciate all the comments people leave on the videos but sometimes I feel everyone is being extra nice on Youtube. I would really...
  26. CelyD87

    300 subs but views are low...I Need Advise!!!!!!!

    I started a YouTube channel 3 months ago about toddlers, toys, etc I just gained my first 300 subscribers. However, I feel like my views are pretty low (total views 3,100) I have social media accounts, joined yttalk, blogger website, Reddit, I make Sure I reply to everyone, watch other videos...
  27. CelyD87

    300 sub club!!!!

    We finally hit 300 subscribers!!!! Woohooo!! Makes us feel so good and helps with motivation to keep going! I'm so happy to have found this forum with so many great tips and friends!! :dance:
  28. Derrick Toys

    Thumbnail Challenge

    PicMonkey vs Photoshop. What do you use to get awesome thumbnails? Kids channels need bright eye catching thumbnails. Using PicMonkey now and I feel images are over saturated not as clear as I like. Any suggestions / tips how to get clear & colorful images? Photoshop was tricky to do...
  29. Derrick Toys

    Tricky Thumbnails!

    Having a challenge picking thumbnails for our videos. Do colorful backgrounds work better than a park scene? Our videos are mostly outdoors of my kids with toys. I know they're important so what do you think of my current thumbnails that I can improve, lighting/color etc? Also, any suggestions...
  30. Derrick Toys

    Hi! Starting Kids channel Need Advice :)

    Hi YouTube! I just created a kids channel for my 3 yr old son Derrick with his little sister Collette. A few videos uploaded so far about what he loves like playing with toys, vlogging our weekly fun adventures, etc. Any advice how to get better with vlogging?